Texas Governor to ignore Iran nuclear deal & maintain sanction


Texas’ Governor Abbott formally responded on Monday to President Obama’s April 8th letter, stating that “Texas will maintain its sanctions against Iran.”



New York – Texas will not lift its sanctions on Iran and will take no part in the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with the Islamic republic, which has made the world a “more dangerous and compromised” place, Texas Governor Greg Abbott told Jewish media at a special meeting in New York on Monday afternoon.

Activists gather at a Capitol Hill rally against the Iran nuclear deal in Washington September 9, 2015. – Photo: REUTERS

The Governor formally responded on Monday to a letter sent out by President Barack Obama on April 8 requesting that Texas “review” its economic sanctions against Iran as part of the deal concluded last year. In his response to the President, Governor Abbott wrote: “Because the Iran deal is fundamentally flawed and does not permanently dismantle Iran’s nuclear capability, Texas will maintain its sanctions against Iran.”

“Further, because your administration has recklessly and unilaterally removed critical sanctions, I have called on the Texas Legislature to strengthen the Iran sanctions that Texas already has in place,” he added.

Abbott, who recently visited Israel, told Jewish media he is “deeply disturbed” by the nuclear deal and views it as “a potential existential threat to Israel and frankly to nations across the globe.”

“It makes no sense to me why the United States would be an accomplice to arming and aiding economically a nation that to this day seems to be devoted to terrorism,” he said at the meeting.

Referring to Iran’s recent test launch of ballistic missiles, some of which reportedly had the message “Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth” written on them, Governor Abbott said: “If that is not a message that the world should comprehend and understand the magnitude of, then the world needs to wake up.”

“Israel has no stronger ally in the United States than the State of Texas,” he added.

On the contrary to Obama’s request, Abbott said that the entities in the state of Texas that have been participating in divestment from Iran will continue to do so. These entities, he explained, primarily include multi-billion dollar retirement investment funds.

Further strengthening Texan divestment, Abbott assured, will have significant economic and symbolic impact on Iran. According to the Texas Comptroller’s 2014 estimates, if Texas were a nation, its economy would rank as the 12th largest in the world by Gross Domestic Product. “This is an economic commitment as powerful as that of Australia or almost Canada,” he said. “Texas is going to take the lead in sending the message to the international community that we stand with Israel.”

Governor Abbott, who is wheelchair-bound after an accident when he was 26 years old, prides himself on literally having a “spine of steel”. He recounts the accident, in which an oak tree fell on his back leaving him forever paralyzed, and how he managed to recover from it and serve as a judge, supreme court justice, attorney general and governor, in his book unveiled on Monday : “Broken but Unbowed”.

The same principle, he said, applies to the United States as a nation. “I believe, and I think a lot of Americans believe that we are a nation that is broken right now. We are a great and strong nation that must remain unbowed,” he said. “My recommended way to do that is for the country to get back to its constitutional basis.”

When asked by the Post if he supports the current presumptuous republican nominee for the Presidency, Donald Trump, he said that he had originally supported Ted Cruz, who he considers a friend, but that he will support Trump, because the alternative is, to him, unacceptable.

“Candidly, I don’t know Donald Trump and I don’t know what his positions are, but I do know Hillary Clinton’s position and what she will do and Hillary will be catastrophic to the United States of America,” he said. The Governor added he is “perplexed” about the Jewish community, which primarily aligns with the Democratic Party, in regards to the vote.

“After seeing eight years of the Obama administration and the damage caused by the Obama administration to Israel and the Israel-US alliance, I don’t understand how anyone who cares about Israel can support a democrat,” he stated.

As the state’s legislative session resumes in January 2017, the Governor said he plans to seek proposals for expanding his anti-Iran divestment policy to include all state agencies in Texas as well call on local governments in the state to join in the effort. By that, he hopes to encourage other states to join in the effort.

Governor Abbott also added he is planning on pushing forward anti-BDS legislation, as was already done in some 20 US states.


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  1. jeffrey seath says:

    Thank you Mr Abbott as a Jewish American I thank you and can tell you as a Jew I have never voted for a Democrat and never will I converted my father to vote Republican I may lose my voting Rights for defending my life at home in North Carolina see my brothers family stool my tools and I called the cops then when the cops left my nice shot at me I shot back now NC don’t have a stand your ground law if thy don’t try me before the elution I am voting Trump and all GOP candidates thank you Agen

  2. Lee Lehman says:

    As an American Our country has always supported Israel and as soon as all the Jewish American people get behind Trump then America cay build up its Military to stop this insane agreement Obama has made with our enemy that has S much American soldiers blood on its hands as Issus or any other country! What I don’t understand is does the Democratic national party understand what they are doing to our country! If U care about America you will vote out the Democrats that has destroyed The America as we knew it! This is our last chance to make our country great again! How did that ( Change you can believe in work out for You! If you live in Washington DC and work for the Government probably good, but the rest of the country not that good huh!!!

  3. Lee Lehman says:

    God Bless America and all its great people! Let’s all get together and make a Great Country Again! All of Us!!!!

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