Two Israelis Posing as Arab Sheiks Almost Nabbed by Police in Dubai


Police in Dubai were probably surprised to spot two “sheiks” speaking Hebrew in a busy street in the city this week. What they were witnessing was in fact, the implementation of a dare by a United Hatzalah donor to the emergency services organization’s president Eli Bir.

United Hatzalah’s Eli Bir and Dov Maisel in Dubai – Photo: UNITED HATZALAH‏

Bir accepted the challenge to walk the streets of Dubai dressed as an Arab Sheik in return for two motor ambulances valued at more than quarter of a million shekels. Bir, joined by United Hatzalah’s Operations Manager Dubi Maisel, documented the deed with pictures and a video, which he cut short when he saw police approaching the duo.

The dare isn’t quite as random as it sounds – Bir was in Dubai meeting with representatives of international volunteer organizations as the Israeli medical volunteer network seeks to expands its operations abroad. United Hatzalah plans to help establish identical organizations to itself in Dubai, India and Bangladesh.

During his visit, Bir met with Shafi Maher, founder of the Indian ambulance company ZIQITZA. An agreement was reached between the Israeli and Indian organizations, which will see the establishment of “sister organizations” of United Hatzalah in India, Dubai and Bangladesh. ZIQITA is the largest organization of its kind in India, boasting 1,600 ambulances and a large branch in Dubai.

Bir returned to Israel in good spirits, pronouncing: “I believe that together we will save the lives of many people in additional places in the world.”


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