UK Labour Suspends Third Member over Anti-Semitic Behavior


view videoSuspended Ilyas Aziz, who promoted charity linked to Gaza show in which children (View Video) reenacted Palestinians stabbing Jews, is the third in a string of suspensions that followed revelations about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s ties with a radical Islamic cleric, who called for Israel’s destruction.

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Labour councilor Ilyas Aziz is the latest member of the British Labour Party to be suspended in an ongoing row over anti-Semitism that has already seen former London Mayor Ken Livingstone and MP Naz Shah suspended over the last few days.

Suspended for antisemitic behavior, Labour Councilor for Nottingham City Ilyas Aziz – Facebook

Aziz, who is the councilor for Nottingham City, wrote a Facebook post in July 2014 suggesting that Israel be relocated to the US, the same proposal for which Shah was suspended, the Press Association reports.

In November 2014, Aziz shared a post from a Facebook group called “Israel — Rothschilds’ Frankenstein Monster” which shows a picture of the Israeli flag with the words “God did not give you the land — the UK did illegally,” right-leaning blog Guido Fawkes reports.

And in August 2014, he shared a photo of Coca-Cola bottles doctored to look as if they contain blood, with the words “Stop drinking Gaza blood” superimposed on top.

Aziz also promoted events initiated by Interpal, a charity linked to a Gaza show in which children renacted gruesome scenes of Israeli-Palestinian violence.

An investigation is now expected to be opened into Aziz’s online statements.

Corbyn is facing intense pressure over mounting allegations of anti-Semitism in his party less than a week before his leadership is tested by local elections.

The string of suspensions — Shah for her Facebook posts and Livingstone, attempting to defend her, for suggesting that Hitler supported Zionism — follow revelations in March about party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s ties with a radical Islamic cleric who has previously called for Israel’s destruction.


Ilyas Aziz also promoted Interpal, a charity linked to Gaza show in which children enacted Israeli-Palestinian violence – Facebook screenshot

Also in March, the student wing of the Labour Party was compelled to launch an internal investigation in the wake of a string of allegations of anti-Semitism in its Oxford University chapter.

And fresh controversy surfaced last Sunday when Labour MP and Corbyn ally Diane Abbott dismissed claims of anti-Semitism within the party as a ‘smear’ campaign.

“It’s a smear to say that Labour has a problem with anti-Semitism. It is something like a smear against ordinary party members,” Abbott told the Guardian.


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