UN probes Israeli response to rockets, but not Syria chemical attack on civilians


UN hypocrisy is always reaching new heights. This time the UNSC declined to investigate claims of a Syrian chemical weapons massacre.

By Ryan Jones


The United Nations on Wednesday again revealed its true colors when it stopped short of ordering an official probe into charges that the Syrian government had killed hundreds of its own citizens in a chemical weapons attack.

United Nations Security Council - Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

United Nations Security Council – Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons


That decision was especially interesting to Israelis, who are still irked by the UN’s massive and widely-publicized probe into the Gaza War that began in late 2009 after Hamas and other Gaza-based terrorists escalated missile attacks against southern Israel. The commission ended up accusing Israel of war crimes.

The UN Security Council insisted it was necessary to “clarify” allegations of chemical weapons use in Syria before taking any action. Opposition groups in the country said as many as 1,300 had been killed in a chemical weapons attack by government forces this week. Turkey’s foreign minister, after reviewing video footage from the scene, said it was clear that non-conventional weapons had been used, and urged an immediate UN investigation. But the Security Council failed to act.

By contrast, the UN did not independently verify the Palestinian claims that led to the post-Gaza War probe.

So, if the results of the December 2009-January 2010 Gaza War were worthy of a major UN investigation without prior fact-checking, how is a possible chemical weapons massacre in the midst of a Syrian civil war that has claimed over 100,000 lives not?

That question has left many Israelis more convinced than ever that the international community, and in particular the United Nations, operate under the influence of an unfair and exaggerated bias against the Jewish state.


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