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Int’l Arab Media Lambasts Palestinian Leaders Over Self-Serving Hypocrisy

Gulf State journalists mock Abbas following the Palestinian autocrat’s tantrum that severed ties with Israel, ending the ability of Gazans & Palestinians to be treated in Israeli hospitals, but granted exception for fellow kleptocrat, PLO chief Saeb Erekat.

By Baruch Yadid/TPS


Saeb Erekat, secretary-general of the PLO and chief Palestinian Authority negotiator, is currently hospitalized in serious condition at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. Erekat had a lung transfer a year ago, and has contracted COVID-19.

There is a great embarrassment in the PA following Erekat’s hospitalization because it is a step that requires civilian and security coordination with Israel and exposes the discrimination of senior PA officials over its residents, who are banned from seeking medical treatment in Israel. Continue Reading »

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: US + Arab States’ attack on terrorists in Syria parallels Israel’s on Hamas in Gaza


When the IDF attacked Hamas military targets, including targets that had multiple uses, it was publicly condemned by the same Arab states that are participating in the U.S.-Arab attacks on duel purpose targets in Syria.

The air attack by American and Arab forces against ISIS and other terrorist targets parallels Israel’s air attacks against Hamas terrorist targets in Gaza.  According to retired General Wesley Clark, the United States air attacks are designed to degrade and destroy the infrastructure of the terrorist groups, including the electric grid, the sources of their finance and other mixed military-civilian targets.

Rubble from US air strike in Syria's Idlib province - Photo REUTERS

Rubble from US air strike in Syria’s Idlib province – Photo: REUTERS

When Israel attacked Hamas military targets, including some that had mixed uses, it was condemned by the same Arab nations that participated in the joint United States-Arab attack in Syria.  Continue Reading »

As UN committees feed Anti-Semitism, UN Condemns Spike in Anti-Semitism Worldwide

Too little, too late: Belated condemnation surfaces after Jews have been threatened & beaten across the globe – maybe due to decades of racist and biased UN declarations against Israel.

By AFP and Tova Dvorin


The conflict in Gaza should not be an excuse for anti-Semitic slurs and attacks, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said late Sunday.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – AFP photo

Ban “deplores the recent upsurge in anti-Semitic attacks, particularly in Europe, in connection with protests concerning the escalation of violence in Gaza,” read a statement from the UN leader’s spokesman.

“The Secretary-General emphasizes that the conflict in the Middle East must not constitute a pretext for prejudice that could affect social peace and harmony anywhere.” Continue Reading »

UN probes Israeli response to rockets, but not Syria chemical attack on civilians


UN hypocrisy is always reaching new heights. This time the UNSC declined to investigate claims of a Syrian chemical weapons massacre.

By Ryan Jones


The United Nations on Wednesday again revealed its true colors when it stopped short of ordering an official probe into charges that the Syrian government had killed hundreds of its own citizens in a chemical weapons attack.

United Nations Security Council - Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

United Nations Security Council – Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons


That decision was especially interesting to Israelis, who are still irked by the UN’s massive and widely-publicized probe into the Gaza War that began in late 2009 after Hamas and other Gaza-based terrorists escalated missile attacks against southern Israel. Continue Reading »