UN REPORT: Hamas, Hezbollah recruits/exploits children to fight Israel

UN report notes Gaza children are recruited by Islamic Jihad, Hamas and that in Lebanon recruitment of children is by Hezbollah and a Palestinian terrorist group called Ansarullah, where “They are exposed to high-level [of] violence & exploitation,” to act against Israel.

By Nitzan Keidar


UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has issued a special report on “Children in Violent Conflict'” which strongly criticizes the use of children by terrorist organizations.

Guterres notes in the document that one of the UN’s biggest challenges in this regard is preventing the recruitment of minors for terrorist organizations. “Children who work for terrorist organizations are victims,” ​​Guterres said. “They are exposed to high-level violence and exploitation that influences them physically and mentally.”

Around 30,000 boys are participating in Hamas paramilitary summer camps this year. - Screenshot: Hamas/YouTube

Around 30,000 boys are participating in Hamas paramilitary summer camps this year. – Screenshot: Arab media/Al Alaqsa TV

The report detailed the various terrorist organizations which recruit children, including Hamas and Hezbollah. The report confirmed that children in Gaza and Judea and Samaria have been recruited by Islamic Jihad, Hamas and other terrorist groups.

The UN also warned that in Lebanon similar recruitment of children is carried out by Hezbollah, a Palestinian terrorist group called Ansarullah and other terrorist groups. The common denominator of these terrorist organizations is that they act against the State of Israel, most of them openly.

Teenage Palestinians in Gaza train using younger children as ‘Human Shields’ – Screenshot: YouTube/Arab Media

Hamas, among other things, recruits children in the Gaza Strip for its demonstrations on the border during which they are required to throw stones and serve as human shields, an activity officially condemned by the United Nations.

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon said that “a young generation continues to grow up on violent incitement against the state of Israel under the auspices of terrorist organizations.”

AntiSemite Abbas spews hatred and incitement against Jews – PMW:YouTube screenshot

“This is an important step for the United Nations but in order to significantly damper terrorist activity, the Security Council must first recognize Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations and impose immediate sanctions on them.”


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Just Asking…


How can peace ever be achieved when one side incites and indoctrinates their children from birth, on TV, in their mosque, in school, at home, in their politics and social media?…HOW???


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for the pure hatred of Jews
leaves their psyche
and their hearts?



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