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UN REPORT: Hamas, Hezbollah recruits/exploits children to fight Israel

UN report notes Gaza children are recruited by Islamic Jihad, Hamas and that in Lebanon recruitment of children is by Hezbollah and a Palestinian terrorist group called Ansarullah, where “They are exposed to high-level [of] violence & exploitation,” to act against Israel.

By Nitzan Keidar


UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has issued a special report on “Children in Violent Conflict'” which strongly criticizes the use of children by terrorist organizations.

Guterres notes in the document that one of the UN’s biggest challenges in this regard is preventing the recruitment of minors for terrorist organizations. “Children who work for terrorist organizations are victims,” ​​Guterres said. Continue Reading »

Shocking Video: Young Palestinian Boy With Handgun Opens Fire on IDF Soldiers

The sad reality in Gaza is that Hamas gives children weapons, and wouldn’t have cared if they died, having been sent to fire on IDF soldiers, since that would provide ammunition for their public relations arm in the Palestinian war to demonize & delegitimize Israel.

By Israel Today Staff


We’ve all been horrified by “summer camp” videos of Gaza’s Hamas overlords encouraging and training Palestinians children as young as five years of age to violently attack Israel.

The one shred of hope has been that as those children grow, perhaps they’ll come to their senses before getting an opportunity to actually engage in a deadly confrontation with Israelis. Continue Reading »