UN Security Council condemns all military activity on Syrian Golan Heights

Security Council warns Golan fighting could jeopardize the existing ceasefire between both Syria and Israel.



The UN Security Council has strongly condemned all military activity on the Golan Heights by the Syrian army and opposition fighters warning that it could “jeopardize the ceasefire” between Syria and Israel.

Fire caused by clashes between Syrian army, rebels near Quneitra.

Golan Heights fire caused by clashes between Syrian army and rebels, June 6, 2013. – Photo: AFP

The council approved a resolution Wednesday extending the mandate of the UN peacekeeping force until the end of June. The force, known as UNDOF, was established after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war.

The Security Council condemns recent incidents in which shots were fired at peacekeepers by both the Syrian army and the opposition, and it notes with concern the increasing use of improvised explosive devices by “elements of the Syrian opposition and other groups.”

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s most recent report on UNDOF speaks of “heavy clashes” in the area of separation.


The peacekeeping force has about 1,200 troops.


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