Undeterred, airstrikes on Iranian forces in Syria continue, 3 ‘non-Syrians’ killed

In latest report attributed to Israel from Syrian human rights group, 3 “Iranians or members of militias loyal to Iran” were killed during airstrikes on Iranian ammo depot and military vehicles in Syria Tuesday night.
– Death toll likely to rise due to severity of injuries.

By David Rosenberg


At least three people were killed with more injured in an airstrike on Iranian-aligned targets in Syria allegedly carried out by the Israeli Air Force overnight, an observer group has claimed.

According to a report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Wednesday morning, the airstrike on the T-4 airbase in Homs, Syria late Tuesday night killed at least three fighters, and left an unspecified number injured.

Airstrike at T-4 Airbase in Homs, Syria – Map: Googe maps

The report said that the number of dead was likely to increase, given the severity of the injuries suffered by some of the fighters.

The three fighters killed were said to be “Iranians or members of militias loyal to Iran”. All three were non-Syrians.

While Israel has not confirmed its involvement in the airstrike, in keeping with the IDF’s policy of not commenting on strikes inside Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights attributed the strike to Israel.

Tuesday night’s airstrike targeted a munitions depot at the T-4 airbase, along with several military vehicles and a building which was under construction. Two vehicles were destroyed in the attack.

Last week, air strikes attributed to Israel killed eight near Al Bukamal on the Syria-Iraq border, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Three weeks ago, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said five people were killed in a missile strike on Iranian-backed militias in Al Bukamal.

Before & After May airstrike in Syria

Three days earlier, at least three fighters were killed in an air strike near the Syrian capital of Damascus which was attributed to Israel.

The T-4 base has been targeted by past air strikes. One such air strike two years ago reportedly killed 14 people.


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