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At least 6 non-Syrians dead in airstrike on Iranian missile factories in Syria

Airstrikes on Iranian militia bases & missile facilities in Syria leave 6 dead so far, all non-Syrian nationals though unclear whether they were Iranian Revolutionary Guardsmen, Lebanese Hezbollah, or Iraqi combatants.
– Fatalities predicted to rise as many more were very seriously injured.

By David Rosenberg


At least six Iranian-aligned combatants were killed and more injured in a series of airstrikes on militia bases in Syria overnight, according to a report by an observer group.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Friday morning that airstrikes attributed to Israel in northwestern Syria struck missile assembly facilities maintained by pro-Iranian forces. Continue Reading »

Undeterred, airstrikes on Iranian forces in Syria continue, 3 ‘non-Syrians’ killed

In latest report attributed to Israel from Syrian human rights group, 3 “Iranians or members of militias loyal to Iran” were killed during airstrikes on Iranian ammo depot and military vehicles in Syria Tuesday night.
– Death toll likely to rise due to severity of injuries.

By David Rosenberg


At least three people were killed with more injured in an airstrike on Iranian-aligned targets in Syria allegedly carried out by the Israeli Air Force overnight, an observer group has claimed.

According to a report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Wednesday morning, the airstrike on the T-4 airbase in Homs, Syria late Tuesday night killed at least three fighters, and left an unspecified number injured. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Syrian opposition officers document locations of Iranian missile caches

A London-based paper reported that the National Liberation Front, a group of dissident Syrian officers documented Iranian missiles being stored in the strategic T-4 airport in Syria’s Homs province, rocket caches in Jubb el-Jarah east of Homs, in Aleppo’s al-Safira, and more south of Damascus.
– Israel has warned repeatedly that it would not allow an Iranian presence in Syria.



Syrian opposition officers have documented the site of several Iranian missile caches in the country, including in areas Israel has demanded that Iran vacate.

According to a report in the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat, the National Liberation Front, which is made up of 150 dissident officers, documented the presence of Iranian Fateh-110 and Zulfiqar short-range ballistic missiles and Russian-made Scud missiles. Continue Reading »

Confirmed: Israeli air raids destroyed ‘secret’ Iranian weapons factory, 7 Iranians killed

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the IDF bombardment hit secret “ammunition stores belonging to Iranian forces and allied groups, and caused huge explosions.”
– Israeli FM confirmed raid.
– Seven Iranians (who reportedly weren’t there) killed during attack.

By i24NEWS


Israeli FM appears to confirm raid; monitor says seven killed in strike targeting Iranian ammunition stores

Syria said Wednesday that air defense batteries responded to “hostile Israel missiles” over the northern city of Aleppo, with opposition sources saying the strikes had targeted ammunition depots and a military airport used by Iranian forces.

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UPDATE: Israeli airstrike in Syria killed 12 Iranian Revolutionary Guard Soldiers

Despite Tehran’s denials of Iranian soldiers in Syria, the updated report from a UK-based NGO has 12 Iranian from the Revolutionary Guard killed along with 6 Syrian soldiers and three other non-Syrian nationals in the Israeli airstrike that was carried out by three squadrons of IAF jets.



Twelve soldiers belonging to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps were killed in Sunday’s Israeli airstrikes on Damascus’s International Airport, the UK-based NGO Syrian Observatory for Human Rights charged on Tuesday.

The report said 21 people were killed in total, among them six members of Bashar Assad’s regime forces and 15 non-Syrian nationals. Continue Reading »

Ignoring Russia warning, IDF strikes Iranian targets in Syria, 11 killed

Report: 4 Syrians among 11 reportedly killed in IAF airstrikes on Iranian targets in Syria, including multiple Syrian surface-to-air missile batteries.
– WATCH IAF targets being hit.

By David Rosenberg


A total of 11 people were killed in Israeli airstrikes in Syria overnight, a monitor group claimed Monday morning.

Israeli fighter planes hit a number of Iranian positions in Syria, the IDF said Monday morning, in response to the launching of a surface-to-surface rocket that was carried out on Sunday by Iranian Quds forces operating in Syrian territory.

The targets of the predawn Israeli strikes Monday morning included Iranian weapons depots, an Iranian intelligence site, and a military training camp used by Iranian forces in Syria. Continue Reading »

U.N. Disengagement Observer Force returns to Syria’s side of border

The UN ‘peacekeeping’ UNDOF returns to Syria for first time in years, conducting joint patrols with Russian military police, acknowledging Moscow’s standing in the region.
• Iranian-backed troops still posted near Damascus, and only 25 miles from Mount Hermon.

By The Associated Press & Israel Hayom Staff


U.N. peacekeepers returned to the Israel-Syria border on the Golan Heights on Thursday, for the first time in years.

United Nations Disengagement Observer Force officials conducted joint patrols with Russian military police in a reflection of Moscow’s deepening role in mediating between the decades-old foes in the volatile region.

The irony of it all!

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REPORT: Israel planning military strike on Iranian sites in Iraq

Israel maintains its non-intervention policy in the Syrian civil war, but does assert how it will not permit Iran to entrench itself in the country once the conflict is over, since the Iranian leadership provides military weapons to al-Assad and Hezbollah, where it’s transferred into Lebanon as well.

By i24NEWS


The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida was told by undisclosed sources that “Israel has drawn up a list of targets within Iraqi territory, in preparation for a strike, claiming that they are Iranian military sites used to transport weapons and equipment to Syria.”

Al-Jarida said it obtained from the same sources exclusive aerial photographs taken in the past two months showing the targets Israel intends to hit, including Iraq-Iran border crossings.

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NBC attributed unnamed US official alleging Israel behind Syrian air strike

Israel Air Force F-16i (Sufa) - Photo Courtesy: IDF Spokesperson's office

Anti-Trump U.S. TV media outlet attributes ‘unnamed source’ as government official alleging Israel’s Air Force behind Monday’s airstrike in Syria that destroyed a massive cache of Iranian supplied ground-to-air missiles, that also killed a score of Iranian soldiers.

By i24NEWS


US officials said on Tuesday that Israel was responsible for a massive airstrike on Sunday targeting a Syrian air base and estimated that it left two dozen Iranians dead.

The officials, quoted anonymously by NBC, said an Israeli strike on the 47th Brigade base near the city of Hama used F-15 fighter jets and targeted weapons recently delivered from Iran. Continue Reading »

Syrian Bases Attacked in Missile Strike, 40 dead, including Iranians

In a strike on Syrian army bases being used by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, hitting weapons warehouses among multiple targets, was so massive the European Mediterranean Seismological Center registered it as 2.6 magnitude on the Richter scale.
•  Sky News Arabia reported 40 killed, 60 wounded.
•  Hezbollah-affiliated paper accuses Israel for attack.
• UPDATED: Watch video of explosion.

By Reuters and Liad Osmo


Rockets struck several military bases in the Hama and Aleppo countryside late Sunday night in what the Syrian army said was new “aggression” by its enemies, as the Hezbollah-affiliated newspaper Al Akhbar blamed Israel for the attack. Continue Reading »

Russian official tells Lebanese TV: Israel used Jericho missile to strike Iranian base

Russian officials tell Hezbollah affiliated Al Mayadeen TV in Lebanon, that for the first time, Israel fired Jericho I surface-to-surface missiles on an Iranian base in Syria.

By Roi Kais


Israel reportedly launched Jericho I surface-to-surface missiles for the first time in its alleged attack on an Iranian base in Syria, Russian officials told Lebanese TV channel Al Mayadeen, which is affiliated with Hezbollah.

Jericho MD620 – Photo: Wikimedia Hebrew

Al Mayadeen reported that two Jericho I missiles were launched, with one of them intercepted by the Russian aerial defense system Pantsir-S1, which was deployed to Syria to protect Russian military personnel in the war-torn country.According Continue Reading »

REPORT: Moscow rejected Israel’s call for wide buffer zone in Syria distancing Iranian forces

Israeli intel has yet to detect Iranian activity close to its border since the ceasefire came into effect, however IDF officials, according to the report, believe Iran will gradually establish a presence in the area, with the aim of opening up a 2nd front against Israel in the next conflict with Hezbollah.

By i24NEWS


Russia rejected an Israeli request to keep Iranian military forces at least 60 kilometers from its border with Syria during negotiations over a July ceasefire in the south of the country, Haaretz newspaper reported on Thursday.

IDF Merkava tank and crew train on the Golan Heights.

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Report: Israeli satellite images suggests new Syrian missile factory similar to Iran’s

Israeli news site says analysis of satellite images suggests Iranian involvement in Damascus’ missile building factories since they’re almost identical to a missile factory outside of Tehran.

By i24NEWS


New images from an Israeli satellite show a missile factory in Syria that appears identical to Iranian factories built in Tehran, Israeli news site Mako reported on Tuesday.

Top & bottom Images released by ImageSat International comparing facilities in Syria and Iran Photo courtesy: ImageSat International

ImageSat International, which operates the Eros-B satellite, released high-resolution images that it said show that Damascus is currently building factories “with great similarity to missile factories in Iran.” Continue Reading »