US airlift begins to arrive in Israel for President Trump’s visit to Jerusalem


Huge transport aircraft have begun to arrive in Israel, carrying hundreds of tons of safety equipment, electronics, and assorted vehicles etc. ahead of US President Trump’s upcoming visit.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Approximately 30 C-17 US transport aircraft will land in Israel, carrying hundreds of tons of equipment, cars, and people in preparation for US President Donald Trump’s presidential visit to Israel, Israel’s Channel 2 reported.

Presidential State Car of the United States, also known as Cadillac One or affectionately as ‘the beast’. – Photo: US Gov’t Dept. of Homeland Security

The airlift is a complex logistical operation, which includes bringing 56 vehicles, including 14 limousines, to Israel.

Among the vehicles is the president’s armed limousine.

The US planes will also bring three trucks filled with armored glass, which will be installed in the hotel Trump will stay in.

The report also said the planes would bring a US delegation of 900 people, including doctors, security personnel, computer experts, logistics teams, appointment setters, and several important White House officials, who will accompany Trump during his first presidential visit abroad and ensure everything runs smoothly and as planned.

The entire visit will cost approximately $100 million taxpayer dollars.


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