US expats in Israel can vote via ‘snail-mail’

American citizens residing in Israel can exercise their right to vote using old fashioned Post Office

By Shahar Chai


American citizens living in Israel will be able vote in US presidential elections using the post, sending their ballots in sealed envelopes.

Yoni Levitan – Photo: Ofer Amram

Yoni Levitan, who has been residing in Israel for three and a half years, will vote the “long distance” way for the first time, said that “Obama had four years to improve the situation but failed to do so.”

“Israel is not my only consideration” he added, “At the end of the day I’ll vote for someone beneficial to the US. If the the US leadership won’t be held by a strong person it will obviously harm us as well. I believe Romney sees eye to eye with us.”

Karin Baker, who has been living in Israel for 15 months, said she will vote for Romney as well. “Too many people were hurt by Obama’s economic policy. Romney is a smart and successful businessman while Obama is busy trying to change everything when there is no need for all that.”

Karin Baker – Photo: Ofer Amram

Gila, who has been living in Israel for two years, plans to vote for Obama. “I simply disagree with many things the Republicans are saying and with their religious tendencies.” As for Israel, “Obama is more experienced than Romney,” she added.

Tamar Depaz, who has been living in Israel for two and a half years, said she will not vote at all: “I don’t believe in voting for presidency in a country I don’t reside in. Last elections I voted Obama and was disappointed, I think he will win again but I’m curious as to what Romney can achieve.”


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