Victory for Syrian rebels may bring broader regional war


Rebel forces being trained and armed by Washington are mostly radical Islamists, with many of them loyal to Al Qaeda.

By Israel Today Staff


A cousin and outspoken critic of embattled Syrian dictator Bashar Assad warned that if the rebel forces that America is now arming succeed in taking over the country, it will lead to a regional war including Israel and Turkey.

Warning: Victory for Syrian rebels means regional war

Syrian rebels – Photo from Israel Today


Speaking to Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz from New York, Ribal Assad noted that the rebels making up the Free Syrian Army are primarily Islamic extremists “who are worse than Nazis.” In fact, many in the rebel ranks are members of Al Qaeda.

Ribal is no fan of his cousin’s rule, but if the Islamists win, “they won’t stop with Syria. Their aim is to spread the revolution throughout the Middle East. …The result will be a regional war in which Turkey and Israel will also become involved.”

Sporadic reports out of war-torn Syria tell of unspeakable atrocities committed by the rebel forces as they seize control of civilian areas. Earlier this month, a young boy was publicly executed in front of his parents after rebels charged that an off-hand remark he made had insulted Islam.

Faced with the prospect of living under Iranian-style Sharia Law, Ribal Assad said up to 70 percent of Syrians are now rallying behind the regime. “Most Syrians prefer the devil they already know,” he stated.


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