Video: 8 IDF soldiers were killed in accidents during 2012

Army data for 2012 shows a rise in casualties in accidents with decline in deaths of soldiers on leave.

Unfortunately, dozens were injured in training accidents.

Yoav Zitun


An IDF report revealed that 2012 saw an increase in the number of soldiers killed in accidents and a decline of in deaths of soldiers on leave.Overturned jeep

According to the security branch of the Israeli Ground Forces, eight soldiers were killed in accidents last year, compared to only one in 2011 and 20 in 2010

The accidents include a jeep crash in the Golan Heights that killed an Artillery Corps soldier, a lighting fixture collapse in Mount Herzl that killed an officer,  a car accident that claimed the lives of two Navy officers, a bus crash that claimed the life of a military police officer and an incident in which a tank ran over a soldier while training in the Golan Heights, among others.

In addition, five soldiers were killed in accidents while on leave, the lowest number recorded in the last decade.

In 2011, 14 soldiers died while on leave, nine in 2010 and in the beginning of the decade numbers were even higher.

Overall, 85 soldiers were hurt during training – one was killed, three were wounded and 81 lightly hurt – compared to 67 in 2011. There was a rise in accidental bullet discharges as well.

An investigation into an accident near Eilat, during which an army Defender jeep overturned, indicated the soldier was driving while drunk.

The reserves soldier apparently exceeded the speed limit while descending towards Eilat from the 80th division base. He lost control of the vehicle and flipped the jeep. He suffered moderate to serious injuries.

In addition, the IDF explained that the incident in which an officer was wounded in a military police firing range wasn’t caused by a bullet discharge, but because the gun recoiled after a cadet accidentally placed it on its automatic setting instead of on its semi-automatic one.


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