Video: Arab youths attack PA Police station – Police disperse protest using live rifle fire

The PA accuses Israel of using live ammunition to disperse rock-throwers, while its own police force actually does use live fire against it’s civilian protesters.

By Dalit Halevi


The Palestinian Authority (PA) frequently accuses Israel of using excessive force, including live bullets, when dispersing violent riots by Palestinian Arabs.


A newly released video shows that the PA security forces use the same tactic it accuses Israel of applying.

Dozens of Palestinian Arab youths hit the streets of Ramallah in protest against the PA’s security cooperation with Israel. The protesters used methods usually described by the PA as a “peaceful demonstration” when they are used against Israeli troops, including rock throwing, casting iron bars, and attempting to break into a police station.

The PA forces responded by firing live ammunition at the protesters for several minutes before the demonstrators dispersed.

The demonstration and firing by the PA forces took place in an area of Ramallah where there are many residential buildings.

On Sunday, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas condemned Israel’s crackdown on Hamas, claiming Israel “kills Palestinians in cold blood” as part of its operation to search for three kidnapped teens.

“I said the kidnapping was a crime, but does that justify the killing of … Palestinian teens in cold blood?” Abbas told Haaretz. Palestinian medics claimed Sunday that two teenagers were shot by IDF forces; the IDF spokesperson’s office has yet to confirm the reports.


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