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Abbas’ Security Police arrest Palestinians ‘for supporting Israeli annexation’

REPORT: Despite PA denial, several Palestinians were reportedly arrested, one still held for weeks following a TV news report aired in early June, where several West Bank Palestinians expressed their hopes of becoming Israeli citizens should annexation under the U.S.- Israel peace-plan move forward.



The Palestinian Authority has arrested several people who said they would favor Israeli annexations in parts of the West Bank, corroborating sources say, despite Ramallah’s denial.

In a television report aired on Israel’s Channel 13 in early June, several Palestinians in the West Bank were heard expressing the hope of becoming Israelis if annexation under a U.S.-Israeli Continue Reading »

Jerusalem Court Grants Palestinians Right to Sue Abbas’ Palestinian Authority

Landmark ruling involves Palestinian plaintiffs coming before the Jerusalem District Court seeking justice from PA law enforcement who were “beating them on all parts of the body, hitting them with lead pipes, extinguishing cigarettes on their bodies, hanging them in torture positions for hours and starving them.”



Fifty-one Palestinians tortured by the Palestinian Authority for cooperating with Israel can sue the PA in Israeli courts for damages, the Jerusalem District Court ruled Wednesday in a blockbuster judgement.

The 1,860-page ruling based on dozens of witness accounts over several years is one of the most bizarre in years as it involves Palestinian citizens coming before the courts of the Israeli “occupation” seeking justice for their mistreatment by their own PA law enforcement. Continue Reading »

2 Palestinian Authority police officers in Nablus killed during factional infighting within Fatah


Akram Rajub, governor of Nablus, said that two Palestinian Authority policemen had been killed in the operation as well as two gunmen, both of whom he said were on a police wanted list.



Two Palestinian police officers were killed and two other police officers were wounded in Nablus on Thursday afternoon in clashes with gunmen, according to Palestinian Authority security service spokesperson Adnan al-Damiri.

Palestinian Authority police officers stand guard in the West Bank [File]. – Photo: REUTERS

“At 6PM on Thursday evening, security forces were exposed to gunfire in Nablus’s Old City while pursuing criminals, leading to the death a number of security forces,” Damiri told Wafa, the official PA news site. Continue Reading »

Under curious circumstance Abbas’ PA police interrogate prominent Christian clergyman


Archbishop Swerios Malki Murad, of the Syriac Orthodox Church is the highest ranking Christian clergyman to be arrested by the Palestinians since the Palestinian Authority was created in 1994.



Palestinian Authority security forces on Saturday night arrested the head of the Syriac Orthodox Church, Archbishop Swerios Malki Murad.

Palestinian policemen clash with stone throwers in Gaza. – Photo: REUTERS

He is the most prominent Christian clergyman to be arrested by the PA since its inception in 1994.

The Syriac Orthodox Church of Jerusalem is one of 13 official Churches in the Holy Land. The church is widespread not only in Syria, but also in Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq and India. Continue Reading »

HRW: Palestanian Authority Arresting University Students For Supporting Hamas

After Birzeit University annual student council vote was won by Hamas, Abbas’ Palestinian Authority security arrests & beat 25 students.

By i24news


Human Rights Watch on Thursday accused the Palestinian security forces of arresting or questioning West Bank students over their political opinions, saying several had been mistreated.

A Palestinian policeman attaches a picture of President Mahmoud Abbas to a police car during a parade in the West Bank town of Hebron, 2009 – Photo: AFP

“It is deeply worrying that students are being held by Palestinian forces for no apparent reason other than their connection to Hamas or their opinions,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, HRW’s Middle East and North Africa director. Continue Reading »

Video: Arab youths attack PA Police station – Police disperse protest using live rifle fire

The PA accuses Israel of using live ammunition to disperse rock-throwers, while its own police force actually does use live fire against it’s civilian protesters.

By Dalit Halevi


The Palestinian Authority (PA) frequently accuses Israel of using excessive force, including live bullets, when dispersing violent riots by Palestinian Arabs.


A newly released video shows that the PA security forces use the same tactic it accuses Israel of applying.

Dozens of Palestinian Arab youths hit the streets of Ramallah in protest against the PA’s security cooperation with Israel. The protesters used methods usually described by the PA as a “peaceful demonstration” when they are used against Israeli troops, including rock throwing, casting iron bars, and attempting to break into a police station. Continue Reading »

Canadian Arrested for ‘Insulting Abbas’

Mohammed Al Sabawi, the father of a Canadian businessman was arrested & held for 9 hours after calling for PA Chairman’s downfall. ‘Hurt his feelings and he’ll arrest you’.

By Ari Soffer


The father of a Canadian businessman was detained for nine hours by Palestinian Authority security forces after calling for the ouster of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Monday.

Khaled Al Sabawi said his 68 year-old father, Mohammed Al Sabawi, was arrested after PA police accused him of insulting Abbas when he refused to allow PA security forces to use his roof during the recent visit by French President Francois Hollande. Continue Reading »