WATCH Gal Gadot & Jimmy Fallon share Israeli & American made chocolates

Watch Israel’s own ‘Wonder Woman’ experiencing two American firsts on THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jimmy Fallon: tasting a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and playing charades.



Gal Gadot shared a taste of home with TV host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Thursday — when she and Fallon sampled Israeli chocolate together.

Discussing the upcoming Halloween holiday, the pair were discussing their favorite candies, and Fallon whipped out what Gadot said was her No. 1 choice.

“Shokolad para,” she called it, which literally means cow chocolate, but refers to the Elite brand that always features a cow on the label. Gadot wanted Fallon to try the version that is filled with pop rocks, which explode in your mouth as you chew.

The pair happily crunched away, and even leaned into the microphone for the full sound effect.


But then Gadot had to try a classic American candy she’d never had before — Reese’s peanut butter cups. After taking a bite, she said “pretty good — I can’t believe I’ve never tried it.” Considering how readily available they are in Israel, it’s a wonder Gadot has never sampled one before.

While Israelis are celebrating Sukkot, Gadot said she’s still getting used to American holidays which are “all about consuming and consuming… and then it’s OK for you to tell your children to go knock on strangers doors to give them candies.”

Gadot’s daughter, Alma, is loving Halloween, and is planning on dressing up as a zombie this year, she said.

Gadot appeared on the show to promote her upcoming appearance on Saturday Night Live, which she is hosting this weekend. She told Fallon she hasn’t had much experience with live performance.

“I did one musical in Israel — it was for little children, so this is obviously a whole different thing,” she said.

Later in the show Gadot played a game of charades with Fallon, singer Miley Cyrus and Tariq Trotter of house band The Roots. The Israeli actress said she’d never played the game before — but still performed admirably.


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