WATCH: Gaza Fence Protesters Are Clearly Not Peaceful

This ‘Must Watch’ video clearly illustrates the deadly violence directed against Israel’s soldiers, and how the Hamas rulers are filmed openly admitting that their true scheme (said in Arabic to their followers) is to breach the fence and destroy Israel.

By Israel Today Staff


The mainstream media continues to misrepresent the Gaza border fence protests as peaceful in nature, and, therefore, Israel’s military response as criminally disproportionate.

But, as usual, the truth isn’t difficult to uncover if one only listens to what the Palestinians themselves have to say.

Video clips show clearly that those protesting at the fence are engaging in deadly violence against Israeli soldiers, and Gaza’s Hamas rulers openly admit that the agenda remains to breach the fence and destroy Israel.


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Hamas official seeks to conquer all of Israel – Screenshot: Arab press

Gaza mother teaches to ‘burn the Jews’ – Screenshot.

Gaza’s terrorists – Screenshot/ Hamas propaganda video

Gaza mother prepares her children before they protest against Israel – Screenshot

Palestinians in Gaza train using children as ‘Human Shields’ – Screenshot

Hamas leader instructs Gazans of true intentions to ‘peaceful March of Return’ – Screenshot: Twitter