WATCH: Hamas instructional video for Palestinians on ‘how to stab’ (Jews)

Video icon JPEGThe video, reportedly produced by Hamas-affiliated sympathizers on social media, goes viral.



Palestinian social media users are disseminating an online video clip instructing people on “how to stab” more efficiently.

‘how to stab’ – Screenshot

The video was reportedly produced by Hamas-affiliated sympathizers on social media.

Stabbing attacks have become a frequent method of terrorism used by the Palestinians against Israeli in east Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Two Border Police officers were lightly wounded Friday morning when an unidentified Arab man stabbed them in Jerusalem’s Old City. The unprovoked attack came as thousands of Muslims exited the area upon concluding prayers at al-Aksa Mosque.

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According to Israel Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, the attack took place near the Lion’s Gate at approximately 6:30 a.m., when the assailant used a knife to stab the first officer, 19, in the neck, and the second officer, 35, in the arm.

Last month, two yeshiva students were stabbed in a confrontation with Arab youths near Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City.

During the incident, one assailant shouted anti-Semitic slurs.


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  1. Francois says:

    There still is no great outcry from peaceful Palestinians at this kind of conduct. The worshipers were under a spirit of godly inspiration as they left the mosque. This kind of outrageous conduct is what keeps many Palestinians poor and oppressed. Antisocial behavior is not good for their economy.

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