WATCH: Israel Hayom Debate Marijuana Legalization in Israel


Israel Hayom editor Steve Ganot moderates debate between fellow editor Elia Berger & contributor Simona Weinglass on the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in Israel.

By Israel Hayom Staff


With a number of European countries, Uruguay, and Colorado and Washington in the United States, legalizing recreational cannabis, will Israel follow suit?

Israel Hayom editor Elia Berger – screenshot

Around 9 percent of Israelis regularly smoke cannabis, and 26% support legalizing it as a recreational drug. Israel is considered a pioneer in research and use of medical marijuana — which has been legal since the 1990s — yet is tightly regulated. And like elsewhere in the West, there are growing calls to legalize it entirely.

Those who oppose the measure say marijuana usage will skyrocket if legalized and that it sends the wrong message, particularly to children. Those in favor of legalization for recreational use claim that it is less harmful than drugs that are already legal, such as alcohol and tobacco, and that enforcing the current laws is prohibitively expensive and takes a high toll on society.

Israel Hayom editors Steve Ganot and Elia Berger and contributor Simona Weinglass weigh in on whether marijuana should be legal in the Holy Land.


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