WATCH: Israel PM Netanyahu appeals directly to Abbas to ‘join effort’ for peace

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu records open video message in English, with Arabic subtitles to Palestinian leader, pleading with him to end policy of incitement and to make peace and utilize the millions in aid assistance for the betterment and wellbeing of his people.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday shared a new video in which he addresses Palestinian Authority President directly imploring him to denounce terrorism and work towards peace.

“President Abbas,” the video opens, “Since over the past several years, you refused to meet me and sit down and negotiate peace, I hope you’ll hear this message.”

The video, titled ‘My Message to President Abbas: 5 Steps for Peace,’ was recorded in English and features Arabic subtitles. It was uploaded to YouTude and shared across the Prime Minister’s social media accounts.

In the video, Netanyahu condemns Palsetinian officials and institutions for statements and actions that he says encourage terrorists and terrorist activities.

Netanyahu called on Abbas to fire top adviser Sultan Abu al Einein for “advocating genocide” with his call to ‘slit the throat of every Israeli.’

He dencounced the upcoming dedication of a monument to Palestinian terrorist Abu Sukar, who killed 15 people and wounded dozens more in a bombing attack on Jerusalem’s Zion Square in 1975.

Instead, Netanyahu suggested “honoring a champion of coexistence” to “help educate future generations to love peace over war, compassion over violence.”

“It will also help convince Israelis that they have a true partner for peace,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu accused the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) of providing a direct incentive to commit terror by paying a monthly stipend to anyone who murders Jews.

Following a spate of terror attacks in the West Bank earlier this month, Netanyahu ordered Israel to counteract any money transfers from the Palestinian Authority to attackers’ families by deducting the amount from Israel’s monthly tax revenue transfers to the PA.
Distractor to Peace

“I ask that you stop paying murderers and instead use this money to fund co-existence education, teach tolerance not terror,” Netanyahu said.


“I will continue to work tirelessly for peace,” Netanyahu concludes. “It’s time that you join this effort.”

Violence since October has killed at least 214 Palestinians, 33 Israelis, two Americans, an Eritrean and a Sudanese.

Most of the Palestinians were carrying out knife, gun or car-ramming attacks, according to Israeli authorities.

Others were killed in clashes with security forces or by Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip.


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