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EU to cover Palestinian’s ‘Pay to Slay’ deficit held by donor countries

EU has promised to cover PA’s April salaries/pensions since they were cut by 50% to maintain its ‘Pay for Slay’ monthly stipends to assassins and their families, after Israel began deducting tax revenues earlier this year.

By JNS and Israel Hayom Staff


The European Union has pledged to give the Palestinian Authority €15 million ($17 million) to cover the salaries of public employees – salaries that PA President Mahmoud Abbas cut to keep up payments to imprisoned and released terrorists, wounded terrorists and the families of dead terrorists.

Abbas has declared that the PA is “obligated” to continue rewarding the terrorist prisoners and families of so-called “martyrs.” Continue Reading »

Israel follows US in deducting ‘Pay to Slay’ funds by withholding $138 million

The decision to withhold payments began last year when Israel’s Knesset passed a law requiring an ‘equal amount’ deducted from tax transfers to the PA, unless the generous monthly stipends to Palestinian security prisoners and their families ceased.
– Outraged PA officials condemned the decision, threatening it would damage ongoing security cooperation.

By i24NEWS


Israel’s security council approved a million dollar freeze on funds transferred to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in a bid to offset terrorist’s salaries, after months of bureaucratic wrangling culminated in the government’s sizable to slash the West Bank-based body on Sunday.

The tax revenue cut amounts to approximately $138 million, which is over NIS 500 million and according to media reports will likely be deducted incrementally over a 12-month period. Continue Reading »

Israel passes law that deducts funds to PA equal to ‘Pay to Slay’ pensions

Israel’s Knesset [parliament] passes long debated law that will permit deduction of funds from tax revenues it transfers to the Palestinian Authority, equal to PA’s ‘terror payments’ annual budget.

By i24NEWS


The Israeli parliament on Monday passed a law that will slash tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority (PA) unless welfare payments to convicted terrorists and their families are stopped.

First mooted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu two years ago, it sailed through the Knesset with 87 votes in favor and just 15 against.

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jail, all paid generous monthly stipends by the PA.  – Palestinian propaganda blog

Israel collects tax from Palestinians in the West Bank and then transfers the funds to the PA. Continue Reading »

Australia ends direct funding Palestinian Authority due to its ‘Pay to Slay’ policy

FM Julie Bishop rejects using Australian humanitarian funding for the PA to pay monthly stipends to entice Palestinian attacks on Israelis, as it is an “affront to Australian values, and undermines the prospect of meaningful peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”



Australia has discontinued funding the Palestinian Authority because of concern that the money is making PA payments to terrorists and their families possible, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced Monday.

Canberra had allocated AU$10 ($7.4) million to the World Bank’s Multi-Donor Trust Fund for the Palestinian Recover and Development Program that went to the PA.

Abbas’ monthly pension ‘price-list’ to entice terrorists – updated 2017

“I wrote to the Palestinian Authority (PA) on 29 May, to seek clear assurance that Australian funding is not being used to assist Palestinians convicted of politically motivated violence,” Bishop said in a statement. Continue Reading »

REVEALED: White House freezes all U.S. aid to Palestinian projects

Pending review, the United States has quietly frozen all American aid for projects designed to boost the Palestinian economy, develop infrastructure, and boost institutional capacity among other goals, until four anti-terrorism conditions are met – unless the Secretary of State certifies an exception.

By Eylon Aslan-Levy


The United States has quietly frozen its aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) pending review,i24NEWS has learned. The move comes two months after Congress passed the Taylor Force Act, which aimed to force the PA to terminate its “pay-for-slay” policies of paying stipends to convicted terrorists in Israeli jails and to the families of dead terrorists. Continue Reading »

Defiantly Abbas vows to pay jailed terrorists directly from PA coffers

Senior officials at Palestinian autocrat Mahmoud Abbas’ office said the decision was part of Abbas’ sworn ‘policies of rejectionism,’ crafted in response to President Trump’s policies on Jerusalem.
• In 2017, the PA spent $358 million ‬for “pay to slay” to the families of terrorists killed or jailed for carrying out attacks against Israel.

By Daniel Siryoti and Shlomo Cesana


The Palestinian Authority announced Wednesday that it will begin making direct payments to terrorists imprisoned in Israel, despite the United States’ efforts to curb what has been criticized as “pay to slay” benefits.

Last week, the U.S. government passed the Taylor Force Act, which suspends some financial aid to the Palestinian Authority over the stipends it pays the families of terrorists killed or jailed for carrying out attacks against Israel. Continue Reading »

Israel Defense Minister synchronizes agencies to intercept funds for Palestinian terror

Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has formed a new financial warfare agency tasked with coordinating Israel’s assorted security and tax agencies to make the Palestinians feel the crunch by undermining transactions in their financing of terrorism.

By Yoav Limor


After a period of relative calm, terrorism has again reared its head and claimed Israeli lives. Tuesday’s murder of Raziel Shevach near Nablus underscores Israel’s dilemma in searching for effective ways to combat terrorism.

Let’s be honest: The various statements made by politicians in the wake of the attack are nothing more than empty words. The government can approve additional construction in Judea and Samaria, or give Shevach’s home settlement of Havat Gilad retroactive permits, but this will not stop terrorism. Continue Reading »

Letter from Brit-Israeli terror victim prompts probe into UK funding Palestinian terrorism

With British taxes used to fund monthly stipends to the 2 jailed terrorists that stabbed her 13 times, Kay Wilson admits, “I used to take pride in the fact that I would describe myself as a ‘British-born’ Israeli. I feel no pride about that now.”



BERLIN – Kay Wilson, who barely survived a Palestinian terrorist attack, prompted MP Stephen Twigg, chairman of International Development Committee in the UK Parliament, to conduct talks with fellow lawmakers about the misuse of British funds to support Palestinian terrorism.

The Jerusalem Post obtained a copy of Wilson’s letter on Thursday and conducted an interview with the British Israeli on the parliamentary action and the chances of the UK replicating the American Taylor Force Act, which would bars US funds for the Palestinian Authority that are used for terrorism. Continue Reading »

Palestinians make killing Jews ‘most lucrative profession’ for unemployed Arabs

Here’s why 19 yr-old Omar al-Abed, the terrorist who murdered three members of the Salomon family this past summer is smiling in court:
His life-time pension, beginning now and financed by int’l financial aid to the Palestinians, will be $3,000+ a month.

By Lital Shemesh


The Ofer military court on Friday morning began hearing the defense and prosecution’s views on sentencing the terrorist who killed three members of the Salomon family in July.

The military prosecution demands 19-year-old Omar al-Abed be sentenced to three life sentences for the murders and a fourth life sentence for attempting to murder the rest of the family. Continue Reading »

Taylor Force Act expected to pass with bipartisan support to end Palestinian ‘Pay to Slay’

The bill, named after an American Army veteran murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in Tel Aviv last year, expected to pass having bipartisan congressional support, is aimed at slashing financial support that goes directly to convicted murderers’ monthly pensions, or monthly stipends to the families of killed terrorists.
– WATCH Ambassador Danny Ayalon’s informative video of what this bill entails.




WASHINGTON — A congressional bill that would compel the Palestinian Authority to end its compensation program for the families of convicted terrorists in Israel with the threat of an aid cut will reach a critical vote in the House Foreign Affairs Committee next Wednesday. Continue Reading »

Pragmatic look at who & why Palestinian ‘lone wolf terrorists’ attack for money & fame

According to Israel’s Shin Bet security agency, most lone-wolf terror attacks are ‘Palestinian agenda’ motivated.
– But, for many Palestinians who suffer from mental disorders, are the victims of religious, sexual or financial entanglement, or victims of physical abuse by family members, they see the monetary windfall of Abbas’ government that pays extremely well for murdering Israelis as the perfect solution of escaping from their troubled lives, while also becoming a national hero.

By The Associated Press


For years, Palestinian laborer Nimer Jamal would make the short daily commute from his West Bank village to the settlement of Har Adar, where he was known as a friendly and conscientious worker who earned the trust of local residents, some of whom he even befriended and invited to his wedding.Then Continue Reading »

WATCH: Palestinian leader says US never demanded end to ‘Pay for Slay’ payments

Former Palestinian negotiator says in an interview that the Palestinian Authority will never stop monthly stipends to jailed assassins, attempted murderers, or their families, declaring them “heroes.”

By Tzvi Lev


Former Palestinian Chief Negotiator Nabil Saath ruled out the cessation of payments to imprisoned terrorists, telling Palestinian National Television Sunday: “We will never stop caring for these men and their families. These men are heroes.”

Shaath also denied that the United States had asked the Palestinian Authority to cease paying terrorists’ families. Continue Reading »

Abbas tells U.S. – I’ll never stop paying stipends to families that kill Jews

Palestinian Authority autocrat Abbas tells the US that he will never stop the generous monthly payments to the families of prisoners and martyrs, “even if it means I lose my position.”

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas told the United States that he will continue to pay terrorists’ families for terror attacks against Jews.

White House adviser Jared Kushner met Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. – Screenshot: Instagram/White House

“I do not intend to cease paying salaries to the families of prisoners and martyrs, even if it means I lose my position,” Abbas told Kan 11. Continue Reading »

THANK YOU ♥ Senate committee passes legislation to cut off aid to Palestinians

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee passes Taylor Force Act, in a 17-4 vote, which would cut off financial aid to the PA until it ends its policy of distributing over $300 million annually to terrorists and their families by way of generous monthly stipends.

By Elad Benari


The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday passed the Taylor Force Act, which would cut U.S. funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) until it stops payments to terrorists and their families.

The bill passed the committee by a 17 to 4 vote, reported The Washington Free Beacon. It was supported by all of the Republican members of the committee and six of the Democrats. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Palestinian Authority now allocates 50% of all foreign aid to promote terror


The Institute for Contemporary Affairs reports $344 million, equaling 49.6% of all foreign aid to the PA, funds a monthly stipend to each Palestinian imprisoned for attacking Israelis, to families of “martyrs” killed in the act, or bonuses, such as the $25 million just allocated to East Jerusalem residents who rioted against security precautions placed on the Temple Mount.

By Post Editorial Board


Your tax dollars at work: The Palestinian Authority is now using half of its foreign aid to reward terrorism.

Family of Palestinian terrorist who butchered American veteran Taylor Force, while he toured Israel, is receiving a generous monthly stipend, subsidized by American taxpayers.

Continue Reading »