Watch: Israel Police Uncover Terrorists’ Weapons Cache

view videoIsrael Police, IDF and special forces bust terrorist network throughout Palestinian areas of Judea-Samaria, recovering large weapon cache hidden in most unusual places.

By Uzi Baruch


Undercover police agents of the Judea-Samaria police have busted 23 Palestinian Arab suspects over the past few months, the Israel Police released for publication Wednesday, on charges of arms smuggling, weapons manufacturing, and drug trafficking.

Israel Police Uncover Terrorists’ Weapons Cache – Screenshot: Courtesy Israel Police

Over the past 36 hours, the police conducted an extensive arrest operation in which police, the IDF, the Border Police, and special forces acted to arrest the suspects in Arab villages across Samaria (Shomron), Binyamin, and Hevron.

Israel Police released footage (below) of finding various weapons caches, and the total arms found in the raid:

In total, authorities:

  • arrested 23 suspects;
  • found 16 different types of weapons, including both modified and standard M-16s, as well as weapons parts;
  • found ecstasy and hashish; and
  • found tens of thousands of shekels, presumably for terror activities.

Several of the weapons had made the rounds between senior terrorists and senior criminals in the PA.

“Today ends a complex military operation integrated between all security agencies – police, border police and the army,” Judea-Samaria DistrictCommander General Shlomi Michael stated Wednesday. “The bravery of the Israel Police, and the initiative and creativity […] during the operation led to quality results.”

“The thin line between terrorism and criminal activity means that the Judea-Samaria District Police must work in conjunction with all the branches of the various security agencies to act in every possible way against terrorists and criminals – steadily, over time, and with uncompromising determination.”


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