WATCH: Israel’s demolition team raze terrorist’s house

Israel destroys house of Hamas convicted murderer Ziad Awad, who after being released is charged with the killing of Baruch Mizrahi who was on his way to Passover seder with his family.

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Israeli security forces were engaged in clashes Wednesday with about 250 Palestinians gathered in the West Bank village of Idna to protest Israel’s demolition early in the day of the home of the Hamas operative suspected of killing a senior police officer on his way to the seder on Passover eve.

IDF demolition

IDF’s demolition of terrorist’s home – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s office

The army said Isareli forces were attempting to disperse the protest with rubber bullets and tear gas and that Palestinian protesters were throwing firebombs and stones.

Palestinian sources said four Palestinian youths were hurt in the clashes, one of whom was seriously wounded by live fire. The report was not immediately confirmed.

The Idna home of Hamas operative Ziad Awad was razed early Wednesday, a day after the High Court of Justice rejected a petition against the demolition order.

“All the walls are cracked, there’s no water and no electricity,” said Mohammed Awad, Ziad Awad’s brother and the owner of the Idna home. “Me, my wife and my five children and my brother’s six children and his wife have been left without a home, and I don’t know where we will live.”

Mohammed Awad and his 18-year-old son were indicted last week on charges that they helped Ziad Awad flee the scene of Mizrahi’s death.

“There was a powerful explosion,” said Mohammed Awad. “Ziad’s apartment was completely destroyed, but my home attached to it and storehouses on the first floor were seriously damaged. I’m not sure I’ll be able to live in my home anymore.”

Ziad Awad, who was released as part of the prisoner exchange that secured Gilad Shalit’s release from his Palestinian captors in 2011, is suspected of killing Baruch Mizrahi, a married father of five, near Hebron in April. Awad was serving a life term for killing suspected Palestinian collaborators.


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