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Israel ignores US interference in demolition of Palestinian terrorist’s home

– US Embassy spokesperson: “The home of an entire family should not be demolished for the actions of one individual.”
– Israel PM spokesperson: “The State of Israel acts solely in accordance with security considerations & the need to protect the lives of Israeli citizens.”



Prime Minister Naftali Bennett pushed back at the United States over its condemnation of Israel’s policy of demolishing the homes of Palestinians who are charged and or convicted for terror attacks that claim lives.

“The Prime Minister appreciates and respects the US,” his office said.

“At the same time, the State of Israel acts solely in accordance with security considerations and the need to protect the lives of Israeli citizens,” Bennett’s office stated. Continue Reading »

Israeli court orders demolition of 13 illegal buildings in East Jerusalem

Palestinians are worried the High Court decision sets a precedent allowing Israel to demolish thousands of unauthorized Palestinian-owned structures outside of Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries and into the West Bank.

By i24NEWS


Israel’s High Court of Justice approved the demolition of 13 buildings in an East Jerusalem neighborhood that falls under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority, Haaretz reported Monday.

Palestinians fear the ruling will set a precedent empowering Israel to demolish thousands of buildings in the West Bank.

Demolition of an illegally constructed Palestinian home in an East Jerusalem neighborhood. – Screenshot/ IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The 13 buildings are located in the Wadi Humus neighborhood is located in southeast Jerusalem, but part of the neighborhood lies outside of the city’s municipal boundaries into the West Bank. Continue Reading »

UN interferes with court demolition ruling of illegal Bedouin encampment 

A spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights requested that Israel not raze the unsafe Bedouin roadside encampment, which Israel’s Supreme Court ruled was illegally built and posed a security threat.
– Far-left group J Street, signed a petition stating any demolition would ‘strike a major blow to prospects for a two-state solution.’

By the Associated Press


The UN’s main human rights body expressed concern on Tuesday over Israel’s expected demolition of a Bedouin hamlet in the West Bank, the structures of which Israel says were illegally built and pose a threat to security due to their proximity to a highway. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Defense Minister Liberman seeks to expedite home demolition of terrorist who killed 3


IDF soldiers arrest the brother of the Palestinian terrorist who infiltrated a family home on Friday evening and butchered three to death, leaving one seriously injured.

By i24NEWS


The Israeli Defense Forces overnight on Friday conducted a series of raids and surrounded the village of the suspected terrorist who infiltrated a home in the West Bank on Friday evening and stabbed three family members to death.

IDF soldiers patrol the town of Halamish after a Palestinian knife-attack that killed three people in their home having dinner. – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Israeli security forces stated that they arrested the brother of man responsible for the attack. Continue Reading »

High Court document states IDF may demolish 30 structures in Palestinian Sussiya


Israel’s Prime Minister has until the end of October to assess the situation and decide whether or not the IDF will take action against the illegal structures in the Palestinian herding village.



The IDF could demolish 30 of the 100 illegal structures in the Palestinian herding village of Sussiya, according to a draft of the state’s response to the High Court of Justice, submitted on Wednesday. The draft also says the question of the West Bank village’s overall fate rests with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and not solely with Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman.

Sussiya – Photo: TOVAH LAZAROFF

The High Court of Justice mandated that the state submit its opinion on demolitions at Sussiya by the end of Wednesday. Continue Reading »

WATCH: IDF Combat Engineering Corps demolish home of Palestinian terrorist


IDF filmed the house of Mohammed Tarayra , the Palestinian terrorist who stabbed 13 yr-old Hallel Ariel to death as she slept in her bed, being demolished according to a court-order, by the IDF Combat Engineering Corps, as punishment for terrorism.


The IDF early Monday morning announced that it had demolished the house of the family of Muhammad Tarayrah, 17, in the Palestinian village of Bani Naim, located near Kiryat Arba, where he murdered 13-year old Hallel Yafa Ariel in June.

Tarayrah stabbed Ariel to death in her bedroom on June 30 and injured another resident while infiltrating the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba, next to Hebron. Continue Reading »

WATCH: IDF demolished homes of ‘Sarona terrorists’ who killed 4 unarmed civilians


view videoPalestinian terrorists, Muhammed Muhamra & Khalid Muhamra’s homes were destroyed after the Supreme Court rejected family’s petitions, saying: Destroying the homes of terrorists “significantly contributes to deterrence at this time.”

By Lilach Shoval, AP and Israel Hayom Staff


The Israeli military, in cooperation with the Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria, demolished the homes of the two Palestinian terrorists behind the deadly attack at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market in June.

The two Palestinian terrorists behind the deadly attack at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market, and their accomplice – Photo: Yossi Zeliger

The military says the West Bank homes of cousins Muhammed Muhamra and Khalid Muhamra were demolished early Thursday. Continue Reading »

Israel Demolishes East Jerusalem Homes of 2 Murdering Palestinian Terrorists


Israeli PM Netanyahu vowed to expedite punitive house demolitions in the West Bank & Jerusalem, saying doing so “one of the most efficient tools” in discouraging Palestinian terrorist attacks.

By i24news


Israeli forces on Monday destroyed the east Jerusalem homes of two Palestinians who killed four Israelis in one of the deadliest days in the recent surge in violence.

In the neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber, the home of Palestinian Alaa Abu Jamal was filled with concrete and sealed off, an AFP reporter at the scene said.

Abu Jamal had on October 13 rammed his car into people at a Jerusalem bus stop and jumped out with a knife, stabbing a rabbi to death before being shot dead. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Supreme Court approves demolition of 2 terrorists’ homes


Israel’s High Court rejected petitions against the demolitions of the homes of two Palestinian terrorists who carried out random, unprovoked, yet brutal murders of Israelis in Jerusalem.

By Shlomo Pitrikovski


The High Court on Tuesday evening rejected petitions by the families of two terrorists who carried out attacks in Jerusalem and which the IDF had issued demolition orders for their homes.

The two terrorists in question are Bahaa Alian, who carried out a terror attack on a bus in Jerusalem’s Armon Hanatziv neighborhood on October 13, and Alaa Abu Jamal, the terrorist who carried out a stabbing and car attack on Malchei Yisrael Street the same day. Continue Reading »

IDF demolishes 14 illegal Palestinian shacks & huts on public land in Ma’aleh Adumim

Pro-Palestinian NGO cries ‘foul’ at the IDF’s demolition of illegal, unsafe and unlicensed structures built by Bedouin squatters on state land in Ma’aleh Adumim’s city limits.



The Civil Administration early Monday morning demolished 17 illegal shacks and tents in three different Palestinian Beduin communities located within the municipal boundaries of the Ma’aleh Adumim settlement.

Demolitions in a-Sa'idi community today. - Photo: 'Amer 'Aruri, B'Tselem

Demolitions in a-Sa’idi community today. – Photo: ‘Amer ‘Aruri, B’Tselem

The NGO B’Tselem charged that the temporary structures in the herding communities housed 14 families who are now homeless and have no shelter from the harsh sun.

But the NGO Regavim which monitors illegal Palestinian construction, said that none of the structures which were razed had housed families. Continue Reading »

Counter-Suicide-Terrorism Survey Supports Israeli House Demolitions Deters Terrorists

Study performed by prestigious int’l political journal finds that contrary to the popular condemnations, Israel’s controversial security measure did save lives.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel takes a lot of flak for demolition the houses of Palestinian terrorists who carried out successful attacks against Israelis. But a new survey by a respected international journal found that the policy had been successful, and, therefore, had saved many lives.

Israel Police stand by building demolition – Image source: Israel Today

Appearing in the latest issue of the Journal of Politics, the study titled “Counter-Suicide-Terrorism: Evidence from House Demolitions” was jointly prepared by researchers at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Northwestern University in Chicago. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israel’s demolition team raze terrorist’s house

Israel destroys house of Hamas convicted murderer Ziad Awad, who after being released is charged with the killing of Baruch Mizrahi who was on his way to Passover seder with his family.

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Israeli security forces were engaged in clashes Wednesday with about 250 Palestinians gathered in the West Bank village of Idna to protest Israel’s demolition early in the day of the home of the Hamas operative suspected of killing a senior police officer on his way to the seder on Passover eve.

IDF demolition

IDF’s demolition of terrorist’s home – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s office

The army said Isareli forces were attempting to disperse the protest with rubber bullets and tear gas and that Palestinian protesters were throwing firebombs and stones.

Continue Reading »