WATCH: Israel’s Magen David Adom makes Gaza girl with cancer’s wish come true


This is the real Israel:
In the mist of all the knife-attacks and terrorism directed at the Jewish State, Israel isn’t afraid to fight, or render medical attention & humanitarian aid to those who hate them.

By Israel Today Staff


This story happened a couple months back, but we are quite certain that amidst all the bashing of Israel, the mainstream Western media ignored it completely.

Little Aya is suffering from advanced leukemia. Back in August of last year, she was given a permit, along with her mother, to travel from Gaza to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem to receive the care she needs.

Palestinian girl’s wish made true by  “Make a Wish Ambulance” from Israel’s Magen David Adom.

After three months of tests and treatment, including intensive chemotherapy, little Aya had just one wish – to go to the beach again.

The “Make a Wish Ambulance” from Israel’s Magen David Adom rescue service happily made that wish come true.


They took Aya and her mother for a day of sun, waves and pizza along the beaches of Tel Aviv. Then it was back to Jerusalem for continued treatment.

All Aya’s mother wishes is for her little girl to get better. And there, too, Israel is doing all it can to make her wish come true.

This is the real Israel. The Israel that isn’t afraid to fight, but also loves and cares for its enemies. The Israel that, given the opportunity, wants nothing more than to live in peace and harmony with its Arab neighbors.


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