WATCH: Netanyahu address AIPAC – US on the right side of the moral divide


PM Netanyahu calls on Abbas to tell his people that also Jewish people have a right to a state of their own.

The PM also attacks boycott movement, calls on the world not to fall for “the BS in BDS.”



Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the AIPAC policy conference in Washington on Tuesday, saying that peace with the Palestinians has the potential to better the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the Middle East.

Netanyahu speaking at AIPAC 2014 – Photo: Amos Ben Gershom, GPO

Netanyahu stated that a historic peace agreement with the Palestinians would open up the possibility of establishing ties with leading countries in the Arab world. The prime minister said that many of these Arab countries already know that Israel is not the enemy. “Peace with the Palestinians would turn these into open and thriving relationships”

The prime minister said that the combination of Israeli innovation and Gulf entrepreneurship would “catapult the entire region forward.” He stated that together, Israel and its neighbors could solve the region’s water and energy problems.

Netanyahu said that attaining such a peace depends on the Palestinian leadership. He called on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to “stop denying history” and recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people.

“President Abbas recognize the Jewish state, and in doing so you would be telling your people that – while we might have a territorial dispute, the right of the Jewish people to a state of their own is beyond dispute.”

He added: “I hope the Palestinian leadership will stand with Israel and the United States on the right side of the moral divide, the side of peace, reconciliation and hope.”

Netanyahu attacked the movement to boycott Israel as being on the wrong side of the moral divide. He said that the movement would fail and called on the world not to fall for “the BS in BDS.”

Netanyahu also addressed the Iranian nuclear threat, calling on the world not just to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons, but to prevent them from having the capacity to make the weapons. “That means we must dismantle their heavy water reactor, underground enrichment facilities, get rid of stockpiles of enriched uranium and their centrifuges.”

“I’ve come here to draw a clear line,” Netanyahu stated. “The line between life and death, right and wrong, between the blessings of a brilliant future and the curses of a dark past,” he stated.

He spoke of Israel’s treating of Syrians wounded in the civil war, saying “Israel is humane, Israel is compassionate, Israel is a force for good. “On the other side of the moral divide stand the forces of terror, Iran, Assad, Hezbollah, al-Qaida and others,” he stated.

Netanyahu quoted the words of Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah as an example of the moral divide between Israel and its enemies. “Listen to Nasrallah, he says ‘Iran and Hezbollah love death and Israel loves life, that’s why Iran and Hezbollah will win’. He’s right about the first part, but he’s dead wrong on the second point, it’s because we love life that israel shall win.”

The prime minister reiterated his past warnings against falling for Iran’s charm offensive. “Iran’s radical regime has tried to blur this moral divide. It wheels out its smiling president and smooth talking foreign minister, but  they don’t square with Iran’s aggressive actions, he stated, rejecting Iran’s claims that it seeks a peaceful nuclear program.

Netanyahu said that Iran’s missiles can already reach Israel and the Intercontinental Ballistic Missles that they are building now are not meant for Israel, but for America.

He trumpeted the relationship between Israel and the United States, saying that American support for Israel is at an all time high and stating that “there is no country on earth that is more pro-American than Israel.”


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