WATCH: See What American Youth Think of Israel’s Bamba, Bissli & Crembo

Buzz Feed video clip presentation amusingly shows American youth tasting & critiquing  popular Israeli snack products.


Following their previous hits, “The Jewish Food Taste Test,” and “Hannukah Explained by Christians,” the BuzzFeed staff struck once again, poking fun at Israeli foods this time, with their latest video sensation: “Americans Try Israeli Snacks.”

The three minute segment features American twenty-somethings taste-testing and reviewing typical Israeli snacks such as Milky pudding, Bamba, Bissli, Crembo, and Pesek Zman.

Most of the reviewed foods got positive marks, with a comical twist–in typical BuzzFeed fashion.

Stardavid3_biggerThe brave tasters all marveled over Elite’s milk chocolate bar with popping candies, bewildered by the chocolate treat’s tendency to “crackle in your mouth!”; One reviewer was reminiscent of Harry Potter eating the treat, saying “Fred and George Weasley would totally think of something like this.”

Bamba was received with some hesitation, as some were disappointed to be greeted with a peanut-buttery flavor as opposed to the cheesey cheetoh flavor they expected, a result of the two snack’s similar appearance.

Bissli got rave reviews despite it’s unappealing shape which reminded one man  of, “some sort of rodent poo.”

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Crembo got compared to Pokemon’s Diglett character, and, more realistically, to a Malomar, another variation of a chocolate covered marshmallow treat popular in America.

Pesek Zman was described as “the successful globe-trotting older brother of the kit-kat.”


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