WATCH: UN, ICC Turn Blind Eye That ‘Hamas Has Civilian Army’ & Habitual War Crime Violator

view videoEveryone points fingers at Israel, while ignoring Geneva Convention articles prohibiting Hamas’ exploitation of children as civilian soldiers, violations of int’l laws in using human shields as SOP, targeting random civilians, and repeated extrajudicial execution of their citizens.

By Yoni Kempinski


The head of the Center for Near East Policy Research, journalist David Bedein, told Arutz Sheva Sunday that Israel is falling into Arab information war traps by referring to non-combatants killed in Gaza as civilians, when it should refer to them as members of “Hamas’s civilian army.”

Hamas' Children soldiers - YouTube screenshot

Hamas’ Children soldiers – YouTube screenshot

Bedein explained that UNRWA is being used to train and indoctrinate a new generation of children in Gaza into terrorism.



Bedein called for an Israeli hasbara effort stressing UNRWA’s role in placing children on the front lines in “Hamas’s children’s army,” as documented by Center for Near East Policy Research, and to stop referring to Hamas-run firms that receive supplies from Israel as “civilian.”



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  1. miryiam says:

    I submitted the report of David Bedein to the catholic Italian newspaper Avvenire and famiglia cristiana. They do not believe in this report considered pro Israel. And the journalist of Avvenire closed to the Vatican Luca Geronico wrote an article remembering the death of 4 activists fallen in name of the peace and the Human Rights in favor of the Palestinians. These 4 activists were Rachel Corrie brutally murdered by Isaelis soldiers according to Avvenire,Vittorio Arrigoni, TomHurdall, e Angelo Frammartino. They spent in their memory 20 oliv-trees. So the propaganda against Jews and Eretz-Israel is rumping more and more in the catholic press in favor of the Palestinians who are the victims. Am Israel Hi Miryiam

    • The Catholic Church, as well as other Christian denominations conveniently forget what facilitated their deaths, only that they ‘fell victims’ of the IDF’s ‘cruel punishment of the Palestinians.’

      Sadly Rachel Corrie died of stupidity. She was exploited by Gazans who themselves knew better than stand in front of a working, and armor-plated (restricts driver’s field of vision) D9 Caterpillar.

      When Rachel’s death caused her parents to sue for damages, it was made public that she crossed a well written warning notice, not to continue into the ‘Closed Military Zone’. After ignoring the posted sign, and going around the barrier, IDF soldiers were yelling at her to exit the area. Instead, she was edged on by local Palestinians. Then when she approached the working D9, again IDF soldiers told her to leave. Again she ignored the warning and approached the extremely noisy/loud D9, where the IDF soldier/driver neither saw or heard her. Since the ground beneath was uneven, unsteady plowed earth, she stumbled, and was crushed. She died of stupidity, and became known as, “Rachel Corrie brutally murdered by Israeli soldiers.”

      Anti-Semitism is still very strong within some religious leaders in the US & Europe, and is manifested each year in their support for BDS or other pro-Palestinian gestures.

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