Watch: US law enforcement officers in Israel for bike ride & ceremony


view videoThe US Police delegation of 52 sheriffs & officers were joined with 50 of their Israeli counterparts in a ceremony at Israel’s Police Academy, then enjoyed a 30 km bike ride.

By Yoni Kempinski,


Over a hundred policeman from the US and the Israel police rode bicycles together for 30km in the south yesterday.
The Police delegation of 52 sheriffs & officers is visiting Israel for a week and is being hosted by the Israel national police (INP).

US and Israel police at joint ceremony – Photo: Police spokesman

During the weeklong visit, the sheriffs and officers from the US visited the Israel police academy to see the police in training, with live exhibitions and self-defense training.

During the visit, 50 police officers from the INP together with the 52 sheriffs & officers from the US took part in a 30km bike ride in the south.

The sheriffs & officers from the US will also take part in the forthcoming 9.11 memorial ceremony on Sunday.

The delegation will then visit Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and will hear a number of security briefings from INP officers at the sites where terrorist attacks have taken place to learn about how the INP have prevented and responded to terrorist attacks.


The police officers and sheriffs from the US also took part in a ceremony at the Israel national police academy this morning after arriving in Israel.


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