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52 American police officers arrive to train in counter-terrorism by Israel Police

During the US delegation’s stay based at the Beit Shemesh police academy, they will participate in multiple counterterrorism training exercises, meet with elite units, and be briefed by Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich before concluding at the annual 9/11 memorial service outside of Jerusalem.



For the second consecutive year, the Police Unity Tour, a delegation of 52 American law-enforcement officers from 12 states, arrived in Israel to train in counterterrorism techniques and attend an annual 9/11 memorial service outside Jerusalem.

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Watch: US law enforcement officers in Israel for bike ride & ceremony


view videoThe US Police delegation of 52 sheriffs & officers were joined with 50 of their Israeli counterparts in a ceremony at Israel’s Police Academy, then enjoyed a 30 km bike ride.

By Yoni Kempinski,


Over a hundred policeman from the US and the Israel police rode bicycles together for 30km in the south yesterday.
The Police delegation of 52 sheriffs & officers is visiting Israel for a week and is being hosted by the Israel national police (INP).

US and Israel police at joint ceremony – Photo: Police spokesman

During the weeklong visit, the sheriffs and officers from the US visited the Israel police academy to see the police in training, with live exhibitions and self-defense training. Continue Reading »

US law enforcement officials in Israel to learn counter-terrorism ops


The program is designed for senior officials, police chiefs, sheriffs, and state & federal law enforcement officials all over the US to meet with elite units from the Jerusalem Police, Border Police & Shin Bet.
– ‘Israel is the best at dealing with terrorism, and we want to learn from your experience,’ says former FBI counter-terrorism head.



Citing Israel as the world leader in counter-terrorism, 15 senior American law enforcement officials from the Law Enforcement Exchange Program (LEEP) are spending 10 days in the country to observe multiple security agencies.

 SENIOR US law enforcement officials in Jerusalem participating in LEEP, a counterterrorism exchange

SENIOR US law enforcement officials in Jerusalem participating in LEEP, a counterterrorism exchange program.

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US law enforcement delegation in Israel learning local anti-terror tactics




Law enforcement officials from a series of US agencies and police departments are in Israel this week to learn counter-terror strategies and compare tactics with their Israeli counterparts, according to an official leading a foreign delegation of law enforcement officials visiting Israel this week.

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New ‘noise law’ allows Police to enter homes without warrant

The new legislation allows police to enter home if owner doesn’t respond or if the noise violation may do harm to the public’s well-being.

By Moran Azulay


The Knesset on Monday approved in its second and third readings a bill that allows the police to enter private houses under certain circumstances if they are perceived to be violating noise regulations.

TOO Loud (illustration) - Photo: Shutterstock

TOO Loud (illustration) – Photo: Shutterstock

The bill, which was submitted by MK Miri Regev (Likud-Beiteinu), the chairwoman of the Knesset’s Internal Affairs and Environment Committee, was supported by 47 lawmakers. Only four MKs voted against the legislation.

The bill permits police to enter the establishment only if there is reason to believe the noise violation is causing significant harm to the public well-being. Continue Reading »

US Law Enforcement Officials in Israel for Counter-Terrorism Training

15 U.S. participants from 6 North-East states begin a counter-terrorism training program in Israel.

By Rachel Hirshfeld


A delegation of law enforcement executives from the United States is participating this week in a counter-terrorism training program in Israel sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League.

The 15 participants from Connecticut, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania are meeting with commanders from the Israel National Police, security experts and intelligence analysts to learn how the nation prevents and responds to terror attacks.

The group is attending high-level briefings on the operational response to terrorism, border and airport security, maintaining safety and access to holy sites, the role of advanced technology in policing, and the effective use of the media during a crisis. Continue Reading »

Video: Arab Youths Disrupt Bus Ride Just for Fun

Just Another day in Be’er Sheva: 2 young Arab boys on bus go from loud singing to rock throwing.

By Gil Ronen


It was a scene typical of the times in Israel. On a Be’er Sheva bus carrying mostly elderly Jews, an Arab boy began singing out loud in a way that seemed calculated to convey his disdain for his fellow passengers.

Repeated attempts by passengers and the driver to get the boy to pipe down only resulted in more disruption, as the boy was joined by another, younger boy, in their annoying song.

Push came to shove, shove came to kick, and the boys were taken off the bus, which drove away – but not before the boys had thrown a rock that smashed a hole in the pane of one of its doors. Continue Reading »