World may have to act without Security Council on Syria, says America’s UN envoy

Susan Rice thinks Bashar Assad is unlikely to abide by UN peace plan


UNITED NATIONS — US Ambassador Susan Rice said on Wednesday the worst and most likely scenario for Syria is that Kofi Annan’s peace plan will fail, spreading conflict and creating a major crisis across the region.


US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice (photo credit: courtesy UN)

US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice (photo credit: courtesy UN)


Speaking after a closed-door briefing to the UN Security Council by one of Annan’s deputies, Rice said that the Syrian government was unlikely to immediately implement the Annan plan.

If all other ways to resolve the crisis fail, member nations will have to decide whether they are ready to act “outside of the authority of this Council,” she said.

If President Bashar Assad refuses to implement the peace plan, Rice said the UN Security Council should assume its responsibility and put additional pressure on Syria including sanctions. But Rice and other council diplomats said there is opposition from some members.


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