Wounded Syrians recovering in Israeli hospital urge U.S. to strike


Some 14 wounded Syrians hospitalized in Nahariya hospital, admit they want a U.S. air strike to oust President Assad.

All totaled, 86 Syrians have been treated in this Western Galilee hospital.

By Hassan Shaalan

Against the backdrop of recent talks of diplomatic solutions to the Syrian crisis, the bloodshed persists, prompting many injured Syrians to cross the border and arrive at Israeli hospitals.

Syrian wounded in Nahariya (Photo: Hassan Shaalan)

Syrian wounded in Nahariya – Photo: Hassan Shaalan

On Thursday, some 14 Syrians were still admitted to various wings in the Western Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya. Some of them told Ynet they were still hoping US President Obama would launch a military strike on Syria and topple Syrian President Bashar Assad.

As for a US intervention, she asserted that “If they attack so as to take down the government, it could save the lives of thousands of people and the Syrian people will never forget who helped them, but if they have no intention of ousting Assad there’s no point in attacking.

A Syrian citizen, 31, admitted in the intensive care unit, said that two of his four children were killed over the past two years by the Syrian army.

Syrian citizens in Nahariya hospital (Photo: Hassan Shaalan)

Syrian citizens in Nahariya hospital – Photo: Hassan Shaalan

“Here in Israel I feel completely safe, but I’m worried about my family because I don’t know where they are or how they are doing,” he said.

He added that “In Syria, we live in danger and are prepared for death at any moment. I was surprise to hear that Obama went back on his decision to attack in Syria. I’m all for an attack so that he can protect us from the criminals who are murdering citizens for no reason.

“Canceling the attack leaves us abandoned. It proves the US doesn’t care about us.”

The 20-year-old mother of a baby, a-year-and-a-half old, confessed: “I’d rather stay in Israel until the war is over. The people of the Syrian army are not human. They treat us like animals. I want Obama to attack certain locations in Syria without waiting for sources who can’t understand our circumstances for approval.

“If there’s no attack, I hope someone more courageous replaces him.”

Syrian wounded in Nahariya hospital (Photo: Hassan Shaalan)

Syrian wounded in Nahariya hospital – Photo: Hassan Shaalan

Another mother staying at her child’s bedside recounted her daughter’s injury: “She opened the door of the house to take a look outside, and after her sister asked her to come back in she was shot in the back. Our lives are intolerable and the regime is responsible.”

She added that citizens were resentful toward the regime, and that no one was against the rebels. “If someone was hurt by rebels’ fire, it was probably a mistake.”

She said she had left three children behind to be with her daughter at the hospital, and had no knowledge of their well-being.

“In the meantime, there’s a massacre in Syria and everyone’s watching. Where I live thousands of children have been killed so far.”

Some 86 Syrian citizens who sustained injuries in the Syrian war have been receiving medical care at the Western Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya.


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