Yesh Atid deal makes $millions for Holocaust survivors available

Coalition agreement signed with Yesh Atid guarantees major increase in funds for the treatment of survivors. MK Kariv: It’s our duty.

Omri Efraim


The coalition agreement between Yesh Atid and Likud-Beiteinu calls to increase the services package for Holocaust survivors by NIS 110 million (about $30M) in 2013 and by an additional NIS 500 million ($135M) in the next four years.

Ynet has learned that in light of the agreement, the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel will announce later this week the cancellation of its decision to cut nursing hours for some 6,000 Holocaust survivors with various disabilities. New Knesset members are advancing legislation that would see the government allocate tens of millions of shekels to the Fund this year.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Dorner Commission, which examined the assistance to Holocaust survivors, in 2008 the government determined that NIS 200 million ($54M) would be allocated annually toward a “services package” for survivors, beginning in 2009.

The coalition agreement with Yesh Atid states that within 30 days of its inception, the new government will set the budget for the survivors at NIS 310 million ($84M) in 2013; NIS 360 million ($98M) in 2014; NIS 370 million ($100M) in 2015; NIS 370 million in 2016; and an additional NIS 370 in 2017.



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