20 American dentists planning aliya take Israel’s theoretical exam in New Jersey


Health Ministry sends Israel’s chief of dental medicine to U.S. to supervise theoretical exam towards obtaining an Israeli Dental License by those planning Aliya.



For the second time in three years, the Health Ministry sent its head of dental medicine to the US to supervise the theoretical exam toward obtaining a dental license by those who plan aliya.


Dentists who took the exam in New Jersey. – Photo: SHAHAR AZRA

Dr. Shlomo Zusman went to New Jersey to preside on Monday over the exam, the same exam given to Israeli dental school graduates this week but in English.

Twenty dentists from around the US who are planning to settle here took the test in the Paramus, New Jersey, offices of Nefesh B’Nefesh, the aliya promotion organization.

According to Dr. Tirza Ramon, Zusman’s deputy and head of the ministry’s dental professions unit, 24 US dentists took the test three years ago. The same opportunity exists for French Jewish dentists who plan to come on aliya; their test is in French.

Arriving in Israel with their theoretical dentistry exam results in hand smooths the process of absorption into the country and makes it easier and faster for them to start working, the ministry said.

There is no such procedure for medical doctors, however. The dentists still have to complete the practical part of the exam when they arrive in Israel. This part of the exam must be taken within three years of taking the theoretical exam.

“I think it’s an amazing thing to be able to have the opportunity to take the Health Ministry’s Government’s Dentistry exam while I am still in the US,” said New York dentist Debbie Goldschmiedt, one of those who took the test. “This new option is saving a lot of waiting time and energy, and more importantly, it will enable me to start working as a dentist and earn a living in Israel shortly after my aliya.”

Nefesh B’Nefesh, in partnership with the Aliya and Immigrant Absorption Ministry, the Jewish Agency and Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund have been helping the dentists to go through the process, including completing forms, payment arrangements and preparing for the exam, as well as serving as a mediator with the Health Ministry.


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