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Israel Ranks 1st Worldwide in Safety Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Israel gets top global rating for promoting health and safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the Deep Knowledge Group website.

By United with Israel Staff


The Deep Knowledge group put Israel in first place among countries around the world when it comes to promoting safety amid the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s media adviser announced Tuesday.

The Deep Knowledge Group is “an investment fund focused on AI and DeepTech, which values knowledge above profit,” its website says.

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Hundreds of American families seeking info about moving to Trump Heights

Golan Regional Council head, “Hundreds of people have reached out, many of them Jews from Canada and the US who are saying they want to make aliyah and live in ‘Trump City.’”

– The case for the State of Israel’s legal rights to the Golan Heights under International Law


A special cabinet meeting was held in the Golan Heights Sunday to lay the cornerstone of Trump Heights, a new Israeli community named after US President Donald Trump.

The groundwork on Trump Heights began a few days ago, and the sign marking the entrance to the community was unveiled on Saturday. Continue Reading »

By foot from Ethiopia via Sudan, Vered is inspired by parents’ sacrifice

Incredible story of sacrifice and the inspiration of a child, Vered Achihon, now 39, who walked to Israel with her parents from Ethiopia via Sudan, on a perilous journey spanning months.
– Today, Vered oversees the assimilation of new immigrants to Israel from 80 countries.

By Koby Lieberman


Thirty-five years ago, Vered Achihon made an exhausting journey. Along with her parents and five brothers, she left Ethiopia, passed through Sudan on foot, and arrived in Israel. Today, as the Director of Social Integration for all residents of Jewish Agency Absorption Centers, she shares her story with them and models the values that lead to smoother absorption into Israeli society. Continue Reading »

80 Ethiopian Jews brought to Israel in ‘Operation Yehudith’

“The Operation Yehudith campaign to bring Ethiopian Jews to Israel is a very moving moment, and all of Israel welcomes you,” said Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog at a special reception at Ben Gurion Airport.

By the Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff


Eighty Ethiopian Jews landed in Israel on Monday in the first wave of new immigration since the government said last year that it would let some of the 8,000 remaining community members join relatives in Israel.

Local Ethiopian-Israelis welcomed the newcomers after years of delays. The newcomers are members of the Falash Mura community – the descendants of Jews who converted to Christianity under pressure from missionaries in the 19th and 20th centuries.  Continue Reading »

Prince Charles penned letter: ‘Jewish emigration to Israel is root of terrorism’

In a newly released letter written to a close friend in 1986, Prince Charles attributed the Mid-East turmoil to the ‘influx of foreign Jews,’ expressing his hopes that ‘some U.S. president will have the courage to stand up to the Jewish lobby,’ because it’s Jewish emigration to Israel that’s the root cause of terrorism.

By Ynet


Prince Charles has come under attack following revelations that he penned a letter advocating for the US administration to “take on the Jewish lobby” and attributing unrest in the Middle East to “the influx of foreign Jews,” according to reports first published in The Mail on Sunday. Continue Reading »

France undergoes ‘Medical Brain Drain’ as medical professionals flock to Israel

With Israeli authorities expediting the recognition of French medical credentials that make the transition easier for seasoned professionals, the upsurge in antisemitism in France is convincing their doctors & medical field associates, many of whom hold prestigious and influential leadership positions, to pack-up and leave France with their families for Israel, in increasing numbers.



Michel Alimi says he was shopping at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket just a couple of hours before an Islamist struck on January 9, 2015, shooting four Jews dead and holding 16 hostage before being killed by French police. Now, he, his wife and one of his daughters are moving to Israel. Continue Reading »

Immigrant to Israel trades tropical heat for military service in Jerusalem hot zone

Yonatan Herrera made aliyah from tropical Honduras, then spent almost 3 years in a religious yeshiva in Jerusalem where the rabbis tried to convince him not to enlist into the military.
• Jonathan met Devorah, his wife, then their daughter Avital was born just as Herrera started his combat service with the Border Police.

By Itsik Saban


Yonatan Herrera, 23, is proof that nothing is impossible.

Three years ago, Herrera made aliyah from Honduras and began studying at a haredi yeshiva in Jerusalem. After his course of study, he said he wanted to enlist in the military. But then he encountered pressure from the rabbis at the yeshiva, who tried to talk him out of it. Continue Reading »

IDF Radio reports: Aleppo family claiming to be Jewish asks Israel to extricate them


Jewish Agency spokesperson: “We are looking into the matter in order to determine whether the information can be verified and will act accordingly.”



A family from Syria’s war-torn Aleppo is appealing to the state of Israel for refuge, citing their Jewish heritage, Amy Radio reported Sunday.

Courtyard of Aleppo’s Central Synagogue – Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Govorkov

“There is nobody who can help us to get out of this place,” said 30-year-old Aleppo resident Razan (real name withheld) in an audio recording aired on the radio station. “We are asking that the Israeli government does not abandon us, but helps us get out of here to another country. Continue Reading »

WATCH VIDEO REPORT: Israel plans to assimilate 100 Syrian orphans

Israel reports plans to absorb 100 Syrian orphans from the war-torn country and place then in Ministry of Education dormitories, before they get assimilated into families. 

By I24news



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Hugo Boss model leaves his career to volunteer for the IDF


31 yr-old James Hirshfield dismissed the army’s decision that he was too old and his family’s advice not to give up a successful career, he still emigrated to Israel and started his service as ‘the best soldier I can be’ in April…and is loving it!

By Isaac Dabush


A 31-year-old British-born immigrant to Israel who previously modeled for international fashion house Hugo Boss immigrated to Israel and enlisted in the IDF a fortnight ago and is to begin his service in April.

From a young age living with his Jewish family in London, James Hirshfield was used to receiving compliments on his look. Continue Reading »

After attack by Muslims in Lyon 3 years ago, French Jew emigrated, now IDF soldier

On their way home from synagogue, 3 Muslims surrounded Reuven Abbou, and his sister. Protecting his sister, the 3 cut his face with a broken bottle. That’s when he decided to make aliyah, and now he calls on fellow French Jews to do the same.

By Danny Brenner


An awful experience three years ago inspired Cpl. Reuven Abbou, 20, a combat soldier in the Haruv Battalion in the Israel Defense Forces Kfir Brigade, to immigrate to Israel and serve in the IDF.

That fateful day, Abbou walked out of the synagogue in the French city of Lyon with his younger sister, Leah. Continue Reading »

Aliyah: The incredible journey of being smuggled out of Damascus


The intelligence gathered by these two immigrants from Syria, who were smuggled into Israel in 1985, is unknown to the Israeli public, but the IDF sees these two brothers, now in their 40s, and the eldest’s son as well, as an invaluable strategic asset to the Jewish State.

By Yair Altman


“Today, when I look back, I have no regrets,” says Chief Warrant Officer A., 46, who serves in the Israel Defense Forces’ elite 8200 intelligence unit with his brother, Warrant Officer M., 42, and his son.

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IDF welcomes a Native American Jewish soldier


Having recently found out that he’s of Native American descent, Benjamin Barmeyer is excited about joining the IDF, saying, “I fell in love with Israel 4 years ago when I first visited.”

By Noam Dvir


Benjamin Barmeyer of Texas, 22, of Native American descent, is among the diverse pool of young people from abroad who have chosen to join the Israel Defense Forces and enrich the military with their variety.

During a pre-IDF course, Benjamin Barmeyer – Photo courtesy

Barmeyer, who came to Israel with the Garin Tzabar program, found out about his heritage only recently. He was adopted as a baby by Larry and Don Barmeyer, who raised him as Jewish and held a bar mitzvah ceremony for him. Continue Reading »

Aliyah ‘airlift’ begins Tuesday bringing 2000 new immigrants from US, Canada


The first of the Summer 2016 chartered Nefesh B’Nefesh planes is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, carrying 220 olim who chose to turn down potentially lucrative job offers.

By Efrat Forsher


Some 220 North American Jews are expected to make aliyah Tuesday on a chartered plane under the auspices of the Nefesh B’Nefesh organization.

North American Jews arrive on a Nefesh B’Nefesh flight in 2015, escorted by then-Absorption Minister Zeev Elkin – Photo: Yossi Zeliger

The organization says it plans to fly almost 2,000 olim from Canada and the United States this summer, joining the 45,000 who have made aliyah through the organization over the years. Continue Reading »

Israel’s ‘Lone Soldiers’, exploited then abandoned, a squandered resource


MK Itzik Shmuli seeks solutions so others like Seth, who served 3 years in the IDF then left Israel due to an inability to adjust to a foreign culture, are assisted in their assimilation instead of being abandoned.

By Talam Yahav


“I thought my calling was to live in Israel. I left everything, my family, friends and college and I made aliyah. After a few months I joined the army. I was assigned to Givati and was chosen to be in Sayeret Rimon (Special Operations Unit – Desert Commando – ed). The only words I knew in Hebrew were ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘thanks’. Continue Reading »