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Israel Hospitals threaten to end Syrian refugee treatment over lack of gov’t funding


Although the gov’t has partially paid, Israel’s Health Minister has ordered hospitals to stop treating Syrian refugees [if not life-threatening] starting next week, if Jerusalem doesn’t allocate funds to allay the financial burden.

By Rotem Elizera


Hospitals are warning that they will cease to admit wounded Syrian refugees for treatment starting next week, if the government does not help to provide assistance to allay the financial costs involved.

Director of the Government’s Medical Centers Division Dr. Orly Weinstein said in a letter sent Sunday to PMO Deputy Director Ehud Prawer that “as we know, public medical centers up north have been admitting Syrian refugees transferred by the defense establishment for the past four years now. Continue Reading »

Medical cannabis to be dispensed in Israeli pharmacies ‘soon’


After the approval by ministry’s professional medical board, Health Minister Litzman’s initiative to legally dispense medical cannabis at local pharmacies will be implemented.

By Moshe Cohen


Health Minister Yaakov Litzman’s plan to make it easier for Israelis to obtain medical marijuana is set to be enacted in the coming days, Army Radio reported on Thursday.

According to Army Radio, Litzman’s plan to sell medical cannabis in pharmacies, as well as an expansion of the conditions for which it could be prescribed by doctors, has received initial Health Ministry approval.

Although Litzman is Health Minister, such plans must be approved by a professional medical board, and such approval was received this week, the report said. Continue Reading »

Israeli Farmers Look to Medical Cannabis as Premium Crop


Many see the potential of medical marijuana, arguing it could be more lucrative to Israel than the newly found natural gas fields.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel is busy sorting out regulation for offshore natural gas reserves that are expected to be a boon for the local economy, while some argue that medical cannabis offers the Jewish state an even bigger financial opportunity.

Earlier this month, the Israel Loss Adjusters Association (ILAA) held a conference to discuss how Israel’s farmers could benefit from the growing global market for medical cannabis.

“The US cannabis market stands at $35 billion a year,” noted ILAA Chairman Doron Havkin.
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Historic Decision: Israel to Dispense Medical Marijuana At Pharmacies

Admitting to have never seen marijuana until last week, Deputy Health Minister Yakov Litzman, has decided that local pharmacies will be allowed to dispense prescription pot, under supervision, instead of the current inconvenience of only 2 locations in Israel.

By Yehuda Shlezinger & Israel Hayom Staff


Medical marijuana will soon be sold in pharmacies across Israel, Deputy Health Minister Yakov Litzman, who functions as the de facto health minister, announced on Monday during a Knesset committee meeting.

A licensed grower inspects medical marijuana plants in one of the greenhouses used to grow the drug in Israel

Marijuana will be sold to patients with prescriptions, and will be controlled like any other prescription medication. Continue Reading »

Israel Becomes Battleground in Mid-East Ketchup war

The Israeli company Osem, that almost holds monopoly on local ketchup sales, conducted its own tests on their competitor’s product, concluding Heinz does not meet Ministry’s criteria for ketchup.
  Heinz: Claims have no substance.

By Orna Yefet, Calcalist


Osem has launched a campaign against its main ketchup competitor Heinz, claiming the latter’s sauce does not meet the criteria for ketchup and instructing retailers to remove it from their shelves.

Ketchup wars: Heinz and Osem

After conducting lab tests on the Heinz product at its own initiative, Osem on Tuesday morning sent a letter to retailers asking them to remove the Heinz product from their ketchup section, and not place it next to Osem’s own product.

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Israel’s Health Ministry directs hospitals to hold Ebola drills

The Health Ministry has instructed all hospitals in Israel to hold training drills to make sure they are able to deal with patients who have the deadly virus.


In the wake of a meeting convened Sunday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the Ebola outbreak in Africa — the second such meeting within a week — the Health Ministry has instructed Israeli hospitals in Israel to hold training drills to make sure they are ready to deal with patients who have or may have the deadly virus. Ministry officials will hold their own hospital drills and also carry out inspections to gauge the readiness of the country’s hospitals, starting toward the end of the month.

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Unique Israeli study examines after-effects of medical marijuana

Israeli Health Ministry expert says no similar in-depth research has been performed anywhere.



Medical cannabis has been getting a lot of good press in recent years. Reports and patients’ testimonies of how they benefited from ingesting the plant or its extract have spread rapidly and the Health Ministry’s medical cannabis unit issues some 50 new permits for using it weekly.

Medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis. – Photo: Emil Salman

But while the demand for cannabis is soaring, many questions remain open regarding its effects. An Israeli study now aims for the first time to find out whether patients experience any after-effects, how many of them stop using it and why.

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20 American dentists planning aliya take Israel’s theoretical exam in New Jersey


Health Ministry sends Israel’s chief of dental medicine to U.S. to supervise theoretical exam towards obtaining an Israeli Dental License by those planning Aliya.



For the second time in three years, the Health Ministry sent its head of dental medicine to the US to supervise the theoretical exam toward obtaining a dental license by those who plan aliya.


Dentists who took the exam in New Jersey. – Photo: SHAHAR AZRA

Dr. Shlomo Zusman went to New Jersey to preside on Monday over the exam, the same exam given to Israeli dental school graduates this week but in English. Continue Reading »

Israeli lab discovers alarming amount of ‘Sunset Yellow’ in US-produced M&Ms


The manufacturing process for European M&Ms leave the product at acceptable levels because they use natural food dyes.

Now, a Class-action lawsuit was filed against American manufacturer & the Israeli importer of the US-made chocolates.

By i24NEWS



US-produced M&M chocolate candy, which is imported to and sold in Israel, was found to contain artificial food coloring at levels far exceeding limits set by Israel’s health ministry, a report by Israeli Channel 2 revealed on Thursday.

A 46 foot piñata in the form of an orange M&M candy, filled with thousands. Aug. 4, 2011 ( Sam Yeh/AFP )

A 46 foot piñata in the form of an orange M&M candy, filled with thousands. Aug. 4, 2011 – Photo: Sam Yeh/AFP

The food coloring used in the production of the famous chocolate lentils, more specifically the color “Sunset Yellow” used to make the orange M&Ms, contains a petroleum-based dye, which, if present in elevated levels, can increase hyperactivity in children, Dr Ilana Dariel, a clinical dietician, told Channel 2. Continue Reading »

Ynet EXCLUSIVE: Medical marijuana requests in Israel to go online next week


New Health Ministry website will allow patients to seek immediate doctor’s approval for use of medical cannabis, a process that until now, unfortunately, has taken months.

Dr. Itay Gal


Israel’s war on medical marijuana seems to be coming to an end: Ynet has learned that the Health Ministry will next week launch a new website for patients to make an online request for cannabis to treat their illnesses. The website aims to make a significant dent in waiting times for treatment, with requests going immediately to medical experts for approval.

Even as far back as the 1800s, scientists realized that marijuana had many beneficial effects. - IsraelandStuff/PP

Scientists realized back in the 1800’s that marijuana had beneficial medical effects.

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