WATCH: Disenchanted Israeli Ambassador to UN Presents ‘Oscars’ to Israel’s Antagonists

Israeli ambassador to the UN mocks the “theater of the absurd” for celebrating their cynical  commitment to peace & security around the world by handing then out phony ‘Oscars’.

By Israel Today Staff


The UN Security Council this week held a special session on its commitment to peace and security in the world in honor of the world body’s 70th anniversary. Taking place a day after the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor mocked the gathering by handing out phony “Oscar” awards to Middle East abusers of human rights whom the UN has categorically failed to curtail.

Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor – Photo: Courtesy of the Israeli Mission to the UN

“Last night the eyes of millions were turned towards Hollywood. If the Oscars for Maintenance of International Peace and Security were given at the UN, I would not be surprised if these candidates were awarded a prize,” Prosor opened his speech and began to detail the various categories sarcastically:

  • “In the Best Actor Category – for acting like a peace loving country while developing nuclear capabilities, denying the Holocaust, and threatening the destruction of another member state… the Oscar goes to Iran.”
  • “In the category for Best Supporting Actor – for its unrelenting support to the Assad Regime in killing hundreds of thousands civilians… the Oscar goes to Hezbollah.”
  • “In the category for Best Visual Effects – for making women disappear from the public sphere, the Oscar goes to… surprise surprise… Saudi Arabia. No competition there.”
  • “And finally, for rewriting history, the Oscar for Best Editing goes to… the Palestinian Authority. But the truth is – the Palestinian Authority already received enough prizes from this institution.”

Prosor concluded by saying, “If we want to pursue peace and security in the real world, it is time to bring down the curtain on this theater of the absurd and return the original values of the U.N. Charter back to center stage.”

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