4th Palestinians killed in PA spurred violence to protest Trump peace-deal

During Arab clashes protesting the Trump peace initiative on Friday, a 19 yr-old Palestinian protester was shot dead by an IDF sniper to neutralize his throwing Molotov cocktails at soldiers.



A Palestinian protester was shot dead by IDF troops during clashes on Friday in the town of Qaffin near Tulkarem as violence over US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan continues.

The Palestinian teenager was identified by the Palestinan Health Ministry as 19 year-old Bader Nidal Ahmad Nafleh. He was shot in the neck during violent riots in the town of Qaffin, near Tulkarm, after being shot in the neck.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit claimed that he was shot by a sniper after he threw Molotov cocktails at soldiers.

Nafleh is the fourth Palestinian to be killed by IDF troops since violence surged on Thursday. Dozens of Israeli troops have been injured, including one seriously.

Palestinians also clashed with IDF troops in the West Bank town of Jericho and burned tires in the village of Bil’in.

Thousands of Palestinians also took part in the funeral for Tarek Badwan on Friday afternoon in the town of Azzun in the northern West Bank. Badwan, a Palestinian policeman mistakenly killed by IDF troops during a military operation in Jenin.

Following the funeral Palestinians clashed with Israeli troops, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails as well as setting barricades on fire. Troops responded with riot dispersal means and live fire after two female Border Police officers were lightly injured and evacuated to hospital.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said dozens were wounded in the clashes, including eight people who were wounded by live fire and two others by rubber-tipped bullets.

There have been daily clashes between Israeli troops and Palestinians in the West Bank since the release of US President Donald Trump’s peace plan last week.

The Israeli army has reinforced troops in the West Bank after three attacks against IDF troops occurred within less than 15 hours, as violence continued to escalate in the area in response to the release of US President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century” last week.

The IDF announced on Thursday afternoon that an extra battalion will be sent to the West Bank following a situational assessment.

Young Palestinian children being indoctrinated to hate & kill Israelis. – Screenshot: IDF Facebook page

“We have no intention of allowing terrorism to succeed,” IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi said on Thursday. “Our directive is very clear to all troops on the ground- to thwart and prevent all terror activity. When I say terror, I also mean the throwing of rocks, Molotov cocktails, explosive balloons… All of these are terror.

The message is clear, not this attack, not the bombings, not the firing of the rockets, all these acts- will not succeed.”


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