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4th Palestinians killed in PA spurred violence to protest Trump peace-deal

During Arab clashes protesting the Trump peace initiative on Friday, a 19 yr-old Palestinian protester was shot dead by an IDF sniper to neutralize his throwing Molotov cocktails at soldiers.



A Palestinian protester was shot dead by IDF troops during clashes on Friday in the town of Qaffin near Tulkarem as violence over US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan continues.

The Palestinian teenager was identified by the Palestinan Health Ministry as 19 year-old Bader Nidal Ahmad Nafleh. He was shot in the neck during violent riots in the town of Qaffin, near Tulkarm, after being shot in the neck. Continue Reading »

Bernie Sanders joins Linda Sarsour, Rep. Tlaib supporting anti-Israel campaign

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (left) and Bernie Sanders - Photo/ AP.png

What good can come from Sharia advocates & a self-hating Jew? – #Jexodus PLEASE!

Sen. Bernie Sanders has joined with Linda Sarsour and Rashida Tlaib in IFNOTNOW’s newly formed non-profit branch to highlight its 2020 campaign against Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem and the Jewish West Bank.



The radical US-based IfNotNow organization that campaigns against Israel’s control of the West Bank has formed a new nonprofit branch to highlight its message during the 2020 presidential campaign.

The organization stated that Israel’s occupation of the Palestinians was a moral concern for the US Jewish community, and alleged that allegations of antisemitism are manipulated to fight those who oppose Israel’s policies. Continue Reading »

Spanish BDS director detained at border, refused entry by authorities

BDS director in Europe Ana Sanchez Mera, was banned from entering Israel by Interior Minister Aryeh Deri for advocating boycotts and organizing demonstrations in Spain against the State of Israel.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The Population Authority on Tuesday prevented the entry into Israel of Ana Sanchez Mera, a senior member of the BDS National Committee (BNC), under the guidance of Minister Aryeh Deri, on the recommendation of Minister Erdan.

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri (L) and Public Security Min. Gilad Erdan (R) Photos: Wikimedia

The activist who has been prevented from entering Israel is the coordinator of the BNC organization in Europe and the director of the organization’s international campaigns. Continue Reading »

Dutch BDS activist detained at Ben Gurion airport, refused entry by authorities

BDS activist & anti-Israel propagandist Lydia de Leeuw, was detained by Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority at Ben Gurion Int’l airport, then refused an entry visa on Friday by the Interior Minister for persistently taking part in activities against the State of Israel.



A Dutch female BDS activist was refused entry into Israel Friday noon by the Population and Immigration Authority of Ben Gurion airport.

Entry into Israel, Passport Control. – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Lydia de Leeuw had persistently taken part in activities against the State of Israel and demonstrations, and promoted the de-legitimization of and boycott against Israel in the Netherlands. Continue Reading »

Detained at Ben-Gurion Airport, BDS activist denied entry into Israel

After a few questions upon her arrival at Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport on Sunday evening, notoriously known anti-Israel activist Ariel Elyse Gold had her visa nullified and was prevented from entering the country.

Ido Ben Porat


Interior Minister Aryeh Deri on Sunday prevented an American Jewish BDS activist from entering Israel, at the recommendation of Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan.

The activist, Ariel Elyse Gold, is a recognized anti-Israel activist belonging to the Codepink organization.

Ariel Elyse Gold openly protests on social media against Israel.- Facebook

Gold arrived in Israel a few months ago as a tourist, and during her stay it became known that she is a well-known activist who was leading boycotts against Israel. Continue Reading »

The UN Human Rights Council, ‘Israel ignores int’l law again & again’

After the deaths of 58 Gazans killed, the UN Human Rights Council spokesman says the threat posed by Palestinians in Hamas’ organized protests is not sufficient grounds for use of live fire by the IDF.
– Turkish PM calls on Islamic countries to review their relations with Israel.
– Retired Israeli official: ‘Erdoğan and South Africa’s gov’t are the biggest friends Hamas has.’

By Ynet writers, news agencies


The United Nations Human Rights Council denounced Tuesday Israel’s actions during protests along the Gaza border the previous day, which left 60 Palestinian protesters dead and more than 2,000 wounded.

A statement on its official Twitter account said, “The rules on the use of force under international law have been repeated many times but appear to be ignored again and again. Continue Reading »

Hamas publicizes price scale for those killed/injured during ‘peaceful’ protests

Families of potentially killed/injured militant instigators in Friday’s upcoming protests in which Hamas has rioters burning thousands of car tires, are to be given $3,000 according to the price-list published by the draconian ruling group.
– Warnings of impending environmental disaster and the Gazans harmed from the poisonous emissions, have undeterred Hamas from the  scheduled burning of thousands of tires.

By Elior Levy


The Hamas terror group announced Thursday that it would pay families of Palestinians who are killed or wounded during the upcoming Gaza border protests, with the next one set to take place on Friday.

The money would be given, it said, “as compensation within the framework of the social and national responsibility of the organization.” Continue Reading »

IDF kill 16 Gazans – Palestinian autocrat Abbas: Israel to blame for deaths

IDF responds to attacks with snipers, tanks killing 16 Palestinians on Friday, for which PA autocrat blamed Israel “for the deaths of the martyrs in Gaza,” declares a day of mourning.

By Elad Benari, Canada


Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Friday evening blamed Israel for the deaths of Gazans who took part in the large-scale “March of the Return” towards the border with Israel.

“I express my pride in the sacrifice of the Palestinian people today. I place the responsibility  today on Israel,” Abbas declared in a televised address.

Hamas calls on Gazans to protest on Israel’s border – PLO/Twitter

“The occupation army attacked non-violent demonstrators who went out to mark Land Day and to emphasize that they adhere to their right to self-determination. Continue Reading »

Hordes of Gazans flock to Israel’s border fence demanding ‘Right of Return’

Although a Hamas organizer of the demonstration emphasized it will be “peaceful & nonviolent,” Israel considers the border area a ‘closed military zone’, so an IDF commander said live fire will be used, if the protesters threaten Israeli lives.



Masses of Palestinians are expected to come to the Gaza border on Friday and move into tents there for a planned six-week-long protest “to demand the right of return to the homes and villages that they were expelled from in 1948,” Ahmad Abu Ratima, an organizer of the protest, told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.

The beginning of the protest on Friday is scheduled to coincide with Land Day, which Palestinians annually commemorate the six Arab-Israelis who Israeli security forces killed during demonstrations in 1976 over government land confiscations in northern Israel. Continue Reading »

Palestinian shot dead throwing Molotov Cocktail at IDF during protests

Although IDF soldiers are now allowed to neutralize terrorists throwing fire-bombs (Molotov cocktails) with live fire, an IDF spokesperson said the two incidents, on Friday & Saturday that  left 2 protestors shot dead, will have the IDF investigating the shootings.



RAMALLAH – On Saturday, Amir Shehada, 19, died in a clash with security forces near the Yitzhar settlement, south of Nablus, the PA Health Ministry said.

Shehada was shot in the chest, according to ministry.

Palestinian demonstrators photographed in Hebron on March 9, 2018, hurling molotov cocktails at IDF soldiers during a protest against Trump’s Jerusalem decision.

Continue Reading »

Watch: Palestinian demonstrators hurl eggs at US delegation visiting West Bank

Angry Palestinian protestors confront a visiting American delegation in Ramallah, chanting “US is the problem – not the solution,” as they hurl eggs at the NYC Council members.

By David Rosenberg


Arab demonstrators hurled eggs at an American delegation, including members of the New York City Council, as the delegation visited Ramallah on Thursday, as part of a demonstration against President Donald Trump’s declaration recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Palestinian counter-terrorism police form protective corridor to shield visiting Americans from violent locals throwing eggs. – Screenshot: YouTube Arab media

Members of the American delegation were visiting a Palestinian Authority polling firm Thursday, AFP reported, when anti-US protesters gathered outside. Continue Reading »

Hamas closes Gaza Hospital amid US fund cuts – PA official rejects excuse

Claiming it has run out of diesel fuel required for electricity producing generators, Hamas orders a hospital in northern Gaza to end operations.
– Abbas’ Palestinian Authority rejects Hamas’ claims, drawing attention to the funds recently transferred to Gaza specifically for the purchase of more diesel to keep the generators going.
– In the meantime, UNRWA organizes a march for its workers and Gaza residents to protest against the United States’ decision to withhold some funding until Palestinian leadership agrees to engage in Peace Talks.

By Elior Levy and Reuters


The Hamas terror group has begun ratcheting up pressure on the Palestinian Authority and the international community to resolve the deepening humanitarian crisis taking shape in Gaza, after the former ordered the Health Ministry Monday to halt activities in a hospital located in the north of the strip and to transfer all patients to other hospitals in the area. Continue Reading »

#BDSfail: Humboldt University in Berlin files criminal charges against rowdy BDS activists

WATCH: Unwelcomed anti-Israel protestors disrupted speeches held at Humboldt University in Berlin, keynoted by Israeli MK Lavie and a Holocaust survivor.



Humboldt University in the German capital lodged a criminal complaint against activists who disrupted a talk by MK Aliza Lavie and an Israeli survivor of the Holocaust in June, a spokesman for the university told The Jerusalem Post on Friday.

“Humboldt University in Berlin filed a written criminal complaint on June 27, 2017, in connection with the Internet complaint filed [via the police website] by the DIG [German-Israel Friendship Society] Berlin on June 26, 2017,” university spokesman Hans-Christoph Keller said. Continue Reading »

Jordan’s King Abdullah calls Abbas, who joined Hamas in calls for anti-Israel protests


REPORT: King Abdullah of Jordan urged Abbas in a phone conversation Wednesday, to seek calm amid Israel’s reversal on the Temple Mount, and to stop calling for West Bank anti-Israel demonstrations along with Hamas.

By i24NEWS


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called Wednesday for mass protests on Friday, ordering leaders of Fatah’s militia to organize public demonstrations in response to conflict over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Times of Israel reported.

Not long after Abbas’ call, Jordan’s King Abdullah spoke on the phone to Abbas and urged him to calm tensions on the Mount, known to Muslims as Haram Al-Sharif, various Hebrew media outlets reported. Continue Reading »

Turkey and Jordan hosts anti-Israel protests over Temple Mount

Protesters take to the streets en masse as Jordanian & Turkish leaders do nothing to calm the public over Israel’s placement of metal-detectors to holy site’s entrance, after smuggled weapons onto the Temple Mount were used in killing 2 police officers.

By Elior Levy and Roi Kais


Demonstrations in support of Palestinian worshipers in support of their struggle against the new Temple Mount security measures were held Friday in Jordan and Turkey.

In Amman, Jordan, thousands gathered and shouted epithets against Israel.

Friday’s anti-Israel protest in Amman, Jordan – Ynet

According to reports, the crowd shouted, among other things, “How beautiful it is to kill soldiers from Jerusalem,” with some waving a model of a cardboard missile with the words “Al-Aqsa – Red Line.”

Continue Reading »