Ankara to return UAV’s purchased from Israel

Turkey says there are technical problems with the UAV’s & it will sue for damages after Israel failed to repair them.
Israel Aerospace Industries says it doesn’t know of any problems with the drones.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Turkey announced on Saturday that it would return three unmanned aerial vehicles it had purchased from Israel, and that it would seek payment for damages for what it says was Israel’s breach of the sale agreement, according to a report in the Turkish media.

Israeli-made drones to be returned by Turkey – Photo: Reuters

According to Turkish news agency NTV, as quoted by Army Radio, Turkish officials said technical defects had been discovered in the Heron model drones, and that the Israeli government had refused on several occasions to repair them in accordance with their official agreement.

Turkey purchased the drones from Israel Aerospace Industries four years ago in a deal that included a total of 10 such aircraft, at a total cost of $183 million.

According to the NTV report, after Turkey began deploying the aircraft, one reportedly crashed during a mission inside Turkey’s borders and two others have been grounded for the past eight months due to what Turkish officials called technical problems.

The report said that IAI insisted it would uphold the agreement entirely and it was not aware of any problems with the drones.

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  1. I guess they damaged them while unsuccessfully trying to reverse engineer them.

  2. That’s a far more likely explanation than you may think, considering the political climate in Ankara now.

  3. Stan Dubinsky says:

    The problem with the UAVs, and this is a real problem for those trying to use them, is that you have to say a special brachah before you launch them, in order for them to work. The Islamist rulers of Turkey refuse to say the brachah, even though it was in the instructions when they opened the box.

  4. ‘brachah’ = Prayer (in Hebrew)

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