Another one bites the dust: Father & son killed constructing rocket in Gaza

The 35 yr-old commander of an Al-Aqsa Marty’r Brigade missile unit blew himself up, and killed his son while assembling a terror-rocket meant to have been launched at Israel.



GAZA – Two Palestinians were killed and one was wounded in an explosion on Sunday in a building in Gaza, health officials said.

The cause of the blast, hours after a ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants in the enclave was announced, was not immediately known. Health officials said the two people killed were a father and his son.

No virgins for dying of stupidity: Ahmad Mansour Hassan, the Al-Aqsa Marty’r Brigade Commander who killed himself & son in a ‘work-accident’ explosion July 15, 2017 in Gaza. – Photo: Courtesy

The explosion came hours after a ceasefire ended a fierce flare-up in fighting between Israel and Gaza militants, but police did not suggest Israel was responsible.

“An explosion took place this morning in a house west of Gaza City,” police spokesman Ayman al-Batnijiy said. He gave their ages as 35 and 13.

“The police launched an investigation into the cause of the explosion.”

Israeli media identified the victims as Ahmad Mansour Hassan, a commander of an Al-Aqsa Marty’r Brigade missile unit. He was apparently killed while preparing a rocket. The explosion also killed his son, and a third individual was critically injured.

Israel carried out dozens of air strikes against the Palestinian enclave’s ruling Hamas group on Saturday and gunmen fired more than 100 rockets across the border. Two Palestinian teenagers were killed, the only reported fatalities in the fighting.


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