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Gaza terrorist blows himself up in ‘work-accident’

Another Islamic Jihad terrorists has reportedly died in an “accidental explosion” in Gaza, according to the Hamas-linked Palestinian Information Center.
– IDF Gen. Mordechai, said the terrorist died while “manufacturing weapons and ammunitions for Islamic Jihad in a house in the Sheikh Zayed neighborhood in Beit Lahiya.”



A member of Saraya al-Quds, Islamic Jihad’s armed wing, died in an “accidental explosion” in the northern Gaza Strip, said Ashraf al-Qidra, a spokesman for the Hamas-run Health Ministry in the coastal enclave, on Saturday night, according to the Hamas-linked Palestinian Information Center.

Qidra identified the deceased member of Saraya al-Quds as 27-year-old Ibrahim Frahat. Continue Reading »

Seasoned Hamas Terrorists Dies of Too Much Sand as Terror-Tunnel Collapses

A 31 yr-old Hamas terrorist died from a ‘work accident’ while in a Gaza “resistance tunnel,” the group reported.

By Elad Benari


A Hamas terrorist died on Wednesday after what was believed to be the collapse of an attack tunnel in Gaza, the group said, according to AFP.

The terrorist, Mahmud al-Safadi, 31, died “during his work in one of the resistance tunnels,” a statement from Hamas’s armed wing said.

The statement did not provide further details of the incident or the location but Arabic media reported a partial collapse of a tunnel.

Several dozen Hamas terrorists have died in tunnel collapses in the past year, most of them in similar “working accidents”. Continue Reading »

Hamas reported co-founder dead from accidental gunshot after pointing gun at face

Arabs tell the sad tale of the unfortunate demise of the Hamas co-founder, Imad al Alami, who just 3 weeks ago was personally ‘inspecting his own handgun’ when it surprisingly fired a round right into his terrorist head.
– Hamas waiting for right moment to blame it on Israel.

By Israel Today Staff


It’s always a relief when Hamas does the IDF’s job for it.

That was the reaction of many Israelis on Tuesday upon hearing that Hamas co-founder Imad al-Alami had died some three weeks after accidentally shooting himself in the head.

On January 9, a Hamas spokesman reported that al-Alami had been critically wounded after his personal firearm unexpectedly discharged while he was inspecting it. Continue Reading »

Wanted Hamas Militant Leader Killed in Gaza in ‘Accidental’ Explosion


51 yr-old Ibrahim Hussein Abu al-Naja, wanted by the IDF for being a leader of Hamas’s armed wing, was finally ‘done in’ by an “accidental” explosion in Gaza.



A prominent leader of Hamas’ Izzadin Kassam brigade was killed Wednesday in an “accidental” explosion in southern Gaza, according to PA news outlet Ma’an.

The explosion occurred at a Hamas post near Rafah, injuring three other militants, according to the Palestinian news agency.

51 yr-old Ibrahim Hussein Abu Al-Naja, a prominent leader of the Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, was killed in an explosion on 7 June 2017. – Arab media

Hamas described Ibrahim Hussein Abu al-Naja as a prominent leader and said the source of the explosion was not clear. Continue Reading »

Another Gaza terror-tunnel collapses, killing Hamas militant


The 20yr-old Gaza militant, a member of Hamas’s armed wing, was pronounced dead en route to hospital.



A Palestinian Hamas operative was killed on Monday morning as a tunnel collapsed on top of him east of Gaza. Several reports named the man as 20-year-old Anas Musa Abu-Shawish, a Gaza resident and a member of Hamas’s armed wing, the Izzadin Kassam Brigade.

Abu-Shawish was evacuated to receive medical treatment following the tunnel’s collapse but was already pronounced dead en route to the hospital.


Incidents like this are not uncommon.

Continue Reading »

Top Hamas explosive ‘expert’ killed in Gaza ‘work accident’


One of Hamas’ senior terrorists, an explosive expert according to Israel TV2news, was killed Saturday night in an explosion in the Gaza Strip.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Members of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas terror organization, reported Sunday that a senior organization leader was killed in an explosion in the Gaza Strip Saturday night.

Hamas terrorists from-the izz ad din al qassam brigades at funeral – Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Hamas leader reportedly lost multiple limbs in the explosion, and eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Earlier on Sunday it was reported that Hamas had rejected an Israeli offer to exchange one of two Israeli prisoners now being held in Gaza – Avraham Mengistu and Hisham Al-Sayid – in return for the release of a Hamas terrorist and brother of a senior Hamas leader being held in an Israeli prison. Continue Reading »

After long chain of tunnel collapses, second Gaza terrorist killed in 48 hours


Monday, a Hamas member was killed in a Gaza terror-tunnel collapse, just 48 hours after Saturday’s tunnel collapse that also killed a Palestinian terrorist.

By i24news


A member of the Gaza based Hamas terror group died Monday when a tunnel collapsed east of Rafah, the group’s military wing the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades said.

Gaza victims of ‘work accident’ – Arab media

The man killed was named as Emir Jaber Al Hamad Abu Taima , 21, from Khan Younis.

Hamas offered no details on the circumstances of the collapse and did not say whether it took place during digging operations or a training exercise. Continue Reading »

Dropping like flies: 10 terrorists injured in another Gaza terror-tunnel collapse

According to Palestinian reports, at least 10 Islamic Jihad terrorists are reportedly injured in Gaza’s latest terror tunnel collapse.

By Elad Benari


At least 10 Islamic Jihad terrorists were injured when a terror tunnel leading into Israeli territory collapsed in Gaza late on Tuesday, Palestinian and Israeli media reported.

According to the reports, a few others were missing following the collapse of the tunnel in the Shuja’iyya neighborhood of Gaza City.

The incident is just the latest of many similar collapses of Gaza tunnels in recent months. On Saturday, a 22-year-old Hamas terrorist was killed when a tunnel collapsed in Gaza. Continue Reading »

Another Gaza terror-tunnel collapses, Another Islamic Jihad terrorist dead


In the latest in over a dozen tunnel cave-ins this year, Islamic Jihad reports of an Al-Quds Brigade terrorist recovered dead after a terror-tunnel in northern Gaza collapsed.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A tunnel collapse in the Gaza Strip on Sunday killed a member of the terror group Islamic Jihad’s armed wing, it said, in the latest in a series of such incidents.

The collapse occurred in the northern Gaza Strip, the Al-Quds Brigades said in a statement, without providing further details.

It identified the terrorist killed as Ibrahim Hassan Al-Masri, 28, of Al-Quds’s northern command.


The northern Gaza Strip, controlled by the radical Islamist terror organization Hamas, shares a border with Israel. Continue Reading »

Eighth Terrorist Dead After Another Hamas Terror-Tunnel Collapses in Gaza


Only a week after 7 Palestinian terrorists were killed digging a Gaza terror-tunnel when it collapsed due to heavy rainfall, another incident yesterday killed yet another Hamas terrorist.

By Ari Soffer


A member of Hamas’s “military arm,” the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, has died after an underground tunnel collapsed in the Gaza Strip Tuesday.

The terrorist was identified by Hamas’s Al Aqsa TV station as 23-year-old Khaider a-Zahar.

His death was formally announced after numerous Palestinian media outlets reported that one person was missing and eight others injured after the tunnel collapsed earlier this evening.

It comes just one week after seven other Hamas terrorists were killed under similar circumstances, when the tunnel they were in collapsed as a result of heavy rainfall. Continue Reading »

Reported, then denied: 7 Palestinian terrorists dead after terror tunnel collapses


The Palestinian terrorists were killed when heavy rains cause the terror-tunnel to collapse, burying them alive while rebuilding Hamas tunnels with humanitarian supplies meant for the Gazan’s.



At least 7 Hamas militants were killed digging underground tunnels after heavy rains northeast of Gaza City caused the tunnel to collapse, according to a report by Israel Radio citing Palestinian sources.

A Hamas terrorist in an underground tunnel in Gaza‏. – Screenshot

Stormy weather led to the collapse of a tunnel in al-Tuffah, which is in northern Gaza. According to the media reports, the militants were killed during the tunnel’s collapse and were buried alive.

Continue Reading »

WATCH massive #fail: Bumbling Terrorist Sets Himself on Fire With Molotov Cocktail


In major ‘work accident’: Reporters film Hevron University student during violent riot, inadvertently igniting himself during attack on IDF and Israel Border Police.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A clumsy Arab terrorist taking part in a massive violent riot in Judea’s Hevron on Tuesday tried to throw a firebomb at IDF soldiers and Border Police – however, his potentially lethal attack found a victim much closer to home.

rioters attempt to extinguish fire caused as terrorist lit home-made firebomb - YouTube screenshot

Rioters attempt to extinguish fire caused as terrorist lit home-made firebomb – YouTube screenshot

Footage captures the hapless terrorist running for help as the khefiyeh scarf masking his face burns from the Molotov cocktail. Continue Reading »

‘Work Accident’ – Dead Terrorist Found with Explosive in Hand


After hearing loud explosion, IDF finds terrorist’s body south of Hevron, who apparently was killed while attempting an attack on Jewish civilians.

By Uzi Baruch


The body of a Palestinian Arab terrorist was found after midnight Monday/Tuesday near the community of Beit Haggai, south of Hevron, the IDF confirmed Tuesday morning.

IDF in Judea-Samaria (file) – IDF Spokesperson’s Office

An initial IDF investigation has revealed that the terrorist was likely killed during an attempt to harm Israeli vehicles and after throwing a grenade at a military vehicle.

Residents from the area first reported that large rocks were placed on the road leading to Beit Haggai, a common terror tactic; an IDF patrol was brought in to comb the area. Continue Reading »

Another Week, Another ‘Work Accident’ – Hamas Naval Commando Drowns


Militant of Gaza’s governing terror organization’s expanding commando unit met his doom in a training mishap in the northern Gaza Strip.

By Elior Levy


A fighter in Hamas’s naval commando unit in Gaza has drowned during a training accident near the beaches of Beit Lahiya in the Gaza Strip, the terror organization’s military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, announced Sunday.

The dead Hamas commando is Sahar Nabil al-Bahri, 27, from Beit Lahiya. In a strange coincidence, the meaning of name al-Bahri in Arabic is “naval”.

Sahar Nabil al-Bahri’s funeral

Hamas’ naval commandos are believed to be well trained and well equipped. Continue Reading »

Gaza War Ordnance Explodes Killing 4 in Coastal Strip

Explosion of ordnance  believed to have been dropped in an airstrike during last year’s Operation Protective Edge, kills 4 Gazans from same family & wounds 13 others, reports Palestinian health official.

By Associated Press & Israel Hayom Staff


A Palestinian health official says at least four Palestinians from the same family were killed and 13 people were injured in the Gaza Strip by an explosion of Israeli military ordnance left over from last summer’s war.

An Israeli airstrike in Gaza during last summer’s war –  Photo: Reuters

Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra says the ordnance exploded as Palestinian workers were helping family members remove rubble from a house destroyed in the 50-day war between Israel and Hamas, which rules the coastal enclave. Continue Reading »