#ApartheidFail: Arab Muslim Explains Why He Joined the IDF

WATCH: Yahya Mahamid learned first hand that Israel was not an apartheid state that oppresses its Arab population and felt he needed to protect and defend his country & home by joining the IDF.

By Israel Today Staff


Yahya Mahamid didn’t come to hate Israel because it’s a racist, apartheid nation, as the Jewish state’s detractors will try to make you believe.

Screen Shot of Jerusalem Post newspaper featuring Yahya Mahamid.

No, Mahamid, as he explains it, was raised to hate Israel.

But, as he grew up, this young man from the lower Galilee town of Umm el Fahm discovered that he’d been lied to, that Israel’s Jewish majority wants to live in peace and coexist with its own Arab population and the Arab states around.

This became abundantly clear when Mahamid decided to volunteer to serve in the IDF, where he feared that his Jewish comrades wouldn’t necessarily take too kindly to fighting alongside an Arab Muslim. Instead, Mahamid was “greeted with open arms and treated with nothing but respect and admiration” by the Jewish soldiers around him.

Doesn’t sound like any apartheid I’ve ever heard of.


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