BDS attacks Arab town’s community center over coexistence policies


REPORT: The community center in the Christian-Arab town of Beit Jala near Jerusalem has come under attack by BDS activists for ‘holding joint yoga sessions between Arabs and Israelis.’

By Tal Polon


An Arab community center has itself become the target of the BDS movement for holding joint activities with Israelis.

0404 reported that a community center in the Christian-Arab town of Beit Jala near Jerusalem became an object of rage for BDS activists, who claimed that the center had held joint sports activities for Israelis and Arabs.

BDS causing havoc to Palestinian families for political gains – 600 Palestinian workers were fired when SodaStream relocated factory due to BDS demonstrations.

According the report, a call by the BDS activists which gained a platform in Arab media accused the center of holding activities aiming to bring Israelis and Arabs together “through sports and yoga,” and that the center encourages participation in events and festivals in Israel. They said that the center’s activity “does not respect the principles of the BDS movement, and even works against them.”

Therefore, the activists called for “a cancellation of all the center’s activities in the occupied territories [sic] in order to strengthen the majority position of Palestinian society.”

According to the report, the center’s aim is to “encourage men, women , children and youth to take part in the journey of self-discovery and to build Arab society in the spirit of justice, freedom, and peace.”


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In rebuttal to BDS claims, this video clip should be viewed: