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Israeli martial-arts NGO takes regional coexistence award

Budo for Peace, an Israeli NGO dedicated to coexistence, was recognized for its ‘outstanding contribution to peace in the world using the power of sport’ at the 2018 Peace and Sport Regional Forum in Greece.

By Brian Blum


When does fighting contribute to fostering peace? When it’s part of an Israeli-run martial arts program that trains young Jews and Arabs in Israel, the Palestinian Authority territories and the wider Middle East.

Budo for Peace was named NGO of the Year at the 2018 Peace and Sport Regional Forum last week in Rhodes, Greece.

The group’s nomination for the Peace and Sport Award followed its February 2018 annual international seminar, which included 80 international senseis (teachers) and 800 Jewish and Arab youth martial-arts representatives from as far afield as Iran and Greece. Continue Reading »

VIDEO: Muslim & Jewish medics on break, praying together

WATCH: In a rarely seen example of such diversity and unity, Israel again proves that those who seek bonds of friendship can even pray together, unhindered by political rhetoric.

By Arutz Sheva Staf


On Thursday evening two emergency response dispatchers from United Hatzalah went on their shift break and took time out to pray in the break-room. Both responders prayed their evening prayers but they were of two different religions. Working side by side as dispatchers, helping volunteers of all religions save the lives of all people from all backgrounds in Israel, allowed them to feel comfortable praying alongside one another in the same room at the same time. Continue Reading »

Muslim couple from northern Israel graduate with MA in Jewish Studies


For the Muslim couple from the village of Sulam in northern Israel, Muhammad and Aida Masarwa, the study of Kabbalah, Torah, Jewish thought, and liturgical poetry came easy, noting, ‘We were surprised to discovered that our Jewish classmates didn’t know more about Judaism than we did!’

By Shahar Hay


Last month, a diverse class of 36 graduate students from the Ono Academic College received an MA in Jewish Studies, among them ‎Muhammad and Aida Masarwa, a Muslim couple from the village of Sulam in the north.

Their classmates—a group dominated by ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox Jews—warmly embraced them throughout their years of study together. Continue Reading »

BDS attacks Arab town’s community center over coexistence policies


REPORT: The community center in the Christian-Arab town of Beit Jala near Jerusalem has come under attack by BDS activists for ‘holding joint yoga sessions between Arabs and Israelis.’

By Tal Polon


An Arab community center has itself become the target of the BDS movement for holding joint activities with Israelis.

0404 reported that a community center in the Christian-Arab town of Beit Jala near Jerusalem became an object of rage for BDS activists, who claimed that the center had held joint sports activities for Israelis and Arabs.

BDS causing havoc to Palestinian families for political gains – 600 Palestinian workers were fired when SodaStream relocated factory due to BDS demonstrations.

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VIDEO REPORT: Palestinian Doctor Practicing Medicine in Israeli Hospital


Dr. Wisam al-Jamal is one of many Palestinians whose story is rarely seen in the international media, but is far more commonly seen in Israel, acknowledging that Jews and Arabs do live and work together in peace.

By Israel Today Staff


You won’t see this reported in the mainstream media, but stories of coexistence like this are not at all uncommon.

Dr. Wisam al-Jamal’s story is probably ignored by the press because he’s not afraid to tell the truth – that Jews and Arabs can live together in peace, and that rather than discriminate against and oppress him, Israel provides him with opportunity and dignity in his profession. Continue Reading »

Report: Israeli Schools Teach Peace, Palestinians Prefer Jihad


Global educational watchdog reports Israeli textbooks teach peace as the ultimate goal, while Abbas’ PA approved Palestinian schools encourage conflict and jihad, ignoring any possibility of peace with Jews or Israelis.

By Israel Today Staff


Two recent studies have found that while the Israeli school curriculum makes a great effort to promote peace between Jews and Arabs, the Palestinian Authority school curriculum is doing the exact opposite in violation of signed peace agreements.

UK Labour funds play of Gaza Children incited to Kill Jews – Screenshot, YouTube

Both studies were conducted by IMPACT-SE, and organization that “monitors and analyzes education across the world to determine compliance with international standards on peace and tolerance.”

In its most recent report, the group analyzed 123 Israeli textbooks for grades 7–12 and concluded Israeli children are taught that “peace [is] the ultimate goal, and depict[ed] it as highly desirable and achievable, while war is considered a negative event, though at times necessary.”

Furthermore, the Israeli schoolbooks openly recognize the “existence of the Palestinian National Movement and events regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict are, as a rule, given in a balanced and impartial manner.”

By contrast, an earlier analysis of 78 Palestinian Authority textbooks for grades 1–12 revealed that “the word ‘peace’ does not appear at all,” and that the “State of Israel, with one exception, never actually appears on maps.”

Children incited to kill Jews- Provided by MEMRI

Instead, the schoolbooks used to educate young Palestinians are filled with statements, poems and instructions that glorify and encourage jihad. Continue Reading »

Over 150 Israelis & Palestinians faced off in Jerusalem


Veiled Palestinian women, ultra-orthodox Jews wearing black kippot (skullcaps), families, Jewish & Arab pushing strollers with excited children came to watch what was named, the “Jerusalem Double.”

By Daphne Rousseau


Jerusalem (AFP) – The Israelis and Palestinians were facing off in Jerusalem again — but this time they actually seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.

Dozens of Israelis and Palestinians, gathered for a backgammon tournament on August 31, 2016

Dozens of Israelis and Palestinians, gathered at a historic former train station in the divided city for a backgammon tournament on August 31, 2016 – Photo: AFP Photo/Gil Cohen-Magen

Dozens of Israelis and Palestinians, some dressed in yarmulkes on their head or headscarves, gathered at a historic former train station in the divided city on Wednesday night for a backgammon tournament. Continue Reading »

On First Day of School Israel’s PM Tells Kids to Study Bible, Seek Coexistence

On the first day of the new school year, PM Netanyahu has an important message for both Jewish & Arab children, ‘First of all, study the Bible….We are meant to live together.’

By Israel Today Staff


Much to the delight of parents, the new school year has begun in Israel, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had two related messages for students: study the Bible and seek peaceful coexistence.

Earlier this week, Netanyahu told his cabinet that he wants to “carry out an education revolution based on two things: excellence and Zionism.”

Central to achieve that is the study of the Bible, the prime minister insisted. Continue Reading »

New West Bank mall for Palestinians and settlers opens in Gush Etzion


Referring to the newly opened mall in Gush Etzion, Knesset Member Moalem-Refaeli called on the Palestinians in the area “to come and see what the State of Israel can give you. Come and enjoy the Israeli economy.”



Politicians on Monday afternoon dedicated a new mall for settlers and Palestinians at the Gush Etzion junction, an area that has been a hot spot for terrorist attacks during the last year.

“The opening of this mall sends an unequivocal message to our enemies that you won’t break us,” said MK Nurit Koren (Likud).

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Boomerang Effect: Palestinian Terror is Affecting Israeli Arab’s Livelihood


As Palestinian terror in Israel continues, coexistence is threatened, as more & more Jewish patrons are afraid to allow Arab workers near their homes, drive them in taxis, or perform personal services.

By Gad Lior and Telem Yahav


With the continuation of the wave of terror which has swept across Israel, recent months have seen the rise of a phenomenon in which Jewish clientele specifically request only Jewish workers in a myriad of services.


Arab construction workers [Illustrative] – Photo: Shaul Golan

Particularly in the wake of the terror attack in Tel Aviv’s Sarona market which left four dead and 16 wounded , the phenomenon threatens the livelihood of thousands of Arabs and, consequently, Jewish-owned business which employ them.

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Israel’s President Bars Arab MK Entry Into Residence After Meeting Terrorists’ Families


After condolence meetings with the families of Palestinian terrorists, Arab MK was not permitted entry into President Rivlin’s meeting with over 60 Arab leaders, Finance Minister & Israel’s Social Equality Minister.

By Itamar Eichner


Joint List MK Jamal Zahalka has been refused entry to the President’s Residence because of his meeting with families of terrorists.

Arab MK Jamal Zahalka at Israel’s Knesset- Photo: Alex Kolomoisky

“While unfortunately, there are those, individual Knesset Members who seek to cynically and maliciously sabotage our ability to establish trust between us (Jews and Arabs), nevertheless we are here today because we believe in our path,” Rivlin said at the meeting. Continue Reading »

Dr. Sheikh Omer Salem’s Curious Voice for Peaceful Coexistence


Yale University lecturer with Phd from Al Azhar University in Cairo, Sheikh Omer Salem, says Muslims are the Jews’ protectors, and vows the Temple Mount will return to Jewish hands.

By Tsvi Sadan


Olam Katan (Small World) is one of many religious newsletters distributed in synagogues throughout Israel each Friday. It is the last place one would expect to find an interview with Yale University alumnus Sheikh Omer Salem who visited Israel last week. Salem’s December 26 lecture in Haifa University was heckled by an Israeli Arab student who just couldn’t stand a sheikh speaking on behalf of Israel. Continue Reading »

A Story of Coexistence: A Jew, an Arab and a Druze Share an Apartment in Israel


view videoThey are not just refusing to be enemies, the three 20 yr-olds, all of whom are disabled, share an apartment in Israel and have become best friends.

By Noam Barkan


They live together in the same apartment, they cook together, do their supermarket shopping together and go out to restaurants together, and won’t let any obstacle stand in their way – not even religion. If we could learn from them how to live together in harmony – an Arab, a Druze and a Jew, all youngsters – we would already have achieved peace.

Naji, Mohammed and Maor live together happily in spite of their different backgrounds.

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Knesset approves bill requiring Arabic classes beginning with first graders


Knesset’s bill makes it compulsory for Arabic to be taught in Jewish schools & Hebrew to be taught in Arab schools, beginning in the first grade, as a way to usher coexistence.

By Gideon Allen


A bill that would make it mandatory for Arabic to be taught in Jewish schools and Hebrew to be taught in Arab schools from the first grade passed its initial reading in the Knesset Wednesday.

Israeli hummus restaurant offers 50% off for Jews & Arabs that eat together


The Hummus Bar in Kfar Vitkin is Kosher/Halal for its clientele, and has an ‘intifada’ special of 50% off for Jews & Muslims who eat together.



Can a shared love of hummus bring Jews and Arabs together? An Israeli restaurant near the coastal city of Netanya is offering 50 percent discounts on hummus for tables with both Jews and Arabs.

חומוס בר - Humus Bar on their Facebook page

חומוס בר – Humus Bar on their Facebook page

A manager of the Hummus Bar, located in Kfar Vitkin, told the Times of Israel that “several” tables of Jews and Arabs have taken advantage of the offer since it began Oct.

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