Border Guard Stabbed with 7 more Cops Injured in Jerusalem Riot

A Border Guard officer was stabbed Tuesday night when rock-throwers in the Arab Shuafat neighborhood of Jerusalem rioted.

By David Lev


A Border Guards officer was wounded Tuesday night when Arabs in the Shuafat area of Jerusalem rioted. The officer was stabbed by one of the rioters. At least seven other officers were injured by rocks thrown by the rioters.

Three of the officers, including the stabbing victim, were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, as was the attacker who allegedly stabbed the officer.

Police and Border Guards were attempting to quell the riot. Police arrested a 17-year-old Arab rioter in connection with the stabbing. At least one rock thrower was arrested as well.

Earlier Tuesday, three IDF soldiers were moderately injured when an explosive device went off near the Gaza border fence as they were on patrol. One of the injured was taken to Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva for treatment.

Reports said that there was heavy gunfire between IDF soldiers and terrorists on the Gaza side of the fence Tuesday.


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