Christian Spokesman: Calling on Israel to Stop Combating Terror Is Epitome of Hypocrisy

Israeli Christians says ‘Enough With Western Hypocrisy!’  The West should be supporting IDF for being the only army to oppose Islamic terror and protecting Christians in the Middle East.

By Israel Today Staff


Yesterday, we reported on a demonstration by Israeli Christians in solidarity with their persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq, and in support of the Israeli army that is now combating the same type of Muslim extremism in Gaza.
Israeli Christian Spoaksman,  Shadi Khalloul - Photo source: Israel Today
Israeli Christian Spoaksman, Shadi Khalloul – Photo source: Israel Today

Following the demonstration, the spokesman for the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum, which advocates young Christians join the IDF and which organized Sunday’s rally, made a powerful plea in an interview with Israel’s Channel One.

“We called this demonstration in response to the ethnic cleansing of Christians in Iraq,” said Shadi Khalloul. “35,000 Christians in Mosul fled a week ago after the Islamic State (formerly ISIS), which shares an ideology with Hamas, issued an ultimatum [against them].”

Khalloul said it is the very height of hypocrisy that the West, which sheds crocodile tears over the horrors faced by Christians in Iraq and Syria, then turns around and condemns Israel for defending its people against the very same horrors.

“It doesn’t matter if you call them Islamic State or Hamas or Hezbollah, it’s all the same,” he insisted. “Enough of the hypocrisy. Get involved where you can, whether that be Iraq or Syria or Lebanon. Intervene militarily and stop the criminal slaughter of Christians. …And get off Israel’s back for defending its citizens, which it does regardless of race or religion.”

Far from criticizing, Khalloul said that “everyone should be thanking the IDF for being the only one to fight this kind of murderous terror.”

Recently, Khalloul and the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum’s spiritual leader, Father Gabriel Naddaf, have issued appeals in Hebrew for financial support to keep the movement afloat. These Christians are unable to receive funding via traditional sources as most churches abroad oppose their integration with Israel and the Jews.

Israel Today believes that the Forum’s appeal will not fall on barren ground among our readers, many of whom agree that the destiny of all Christians lies in brotherhood with Israel and the Jews.

If you would like to support the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum, you can make donations using the following bank details:

Bank Hapoalim
Branch 733
Account number: 505864
Account holder: Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum (authorized non-profit number 580581551)


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