Corbyn’s Labour Party ignored or interfered in most reports of antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn’s office actively interfered, delayed or outright ignored most of the 863 reported cases of hate-filled antisemitism within his party, rendering only 30 suspensions, less than 3.5%.
– Examples include posts of “Heil Hitler,” Jewish MPs being accused of being “Zionist infiltrators,” and blaming Israeli Jews for the 9/11 attacks.



The extent of antisemitism raging in the British Labour party was displayed once more on Sunday morning, when The Sunday Times published an article exposing shocking messages Labour members shared online without being sanctioned.

The report titled “Labour’s hate files expose Jeremy Corbyn’s anti‑semite army” revealed how Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s office actively interfered, delayed and disrupted the inquiry into the hate-filled and conspiratorial posts by many Labour members.

Jewish protesters demonstrate against Corbyn – Photo: EPA

Some examples of such posts include “Heil Hitler,” Jewish MPs being accused of being “Zionist infiltrators,” and blaming Israeli Jews for the 9/11 attacks. Complaints about these posts have been filed a year ago, yet none of the authors of these posts have been suspended from the party.

According to internal documents obtained by the paper, Cobyn’s office interfered in 101 of such complaints.

The confidential emails and database which was last updated March 8, brought to light the antisemitic messages and the handling, or lack thereof, of the Labour Party under Corbyn’s leadership.

One Labour member was returned to the party ranks after  his message blaming Jews for the 9/11 attacks was exposed.


In another case, a council member candidate who said that Jewish MPs are “Zionist infiltrators” was marked as having met the criteria for suspension, but it was later decided that he would not be suspended because “he is a candidate.”

In total, 863 cases were opened, yet only 409 of them led to decisions. In 191 cases of these 409, the decision said that there was no need for further action, 145 cases ended in formal warnings and in only 30 cases a suspension was executed.

The other 454 cases did not lead to any decision, with 249 of them not even warranting an investigation by the party.

The Labour Party responded by saying the emails and documents were leaked selectively and were taken out of context. They also said that the party was committed to uproot antisemitism in the party.


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