Counter-Terrorism Bureau: Israelis must leave Sinai at once

CTB issues repeated warning against traveling to  the Sinai Peninsula, citing concrete info on terror groups’ intention to carry out attacks against Israelis

Attila Somfalvi


The Counter-Terrorism Bureau at the National Security Council on Thursday issued a repeated travel warning to the Sinai Peninsula, calling on all Israelis who are planning to travel to or who are currently staying in Sinai to return to Israel immediately.

A travel warning to the area has been in place for a long time, however the Bureau is now reiterating its call, citing terror groups’ intention to carry out attacks against Israeli citizens.

The Bureau stated that it has obtained concrete information on terror organizations in Gaza Strip and other elements that are planning terror attacks and abductions of Israeli tourists in Sinai.

סיני, שלווה מתעתעת  (צילום: אביגיל עוזי)

Not safe for Israelis. Sinai Peninsula – Photo: Avigail Uzi 

The statement also requested that relatives of Israelis who are currently in Sinai to inform them about the travel warning.

In recent weeks, a number of attempts to carry out attacks against Israeli citizens and soldiers near the Egypt border have been thwarted.

Last week, armed terrorists opened fire at a bus carrying soldiers near the Ein Netafim area. Last month, Border Guard officers shot two suspects, apparently from Gaza, who crossed the border fence from Sinai and entered Israel. One man was killed and the other one sustained injuries. The incident occurred at the section of the border where the fence has yet to be completed.

Several weeks ago, a terrorist cell opened fire at a group of construction workers who were building the border fence. Said Phashpashe, 36, from Haifa, was killed in the incident. Two of the terrorists were later killed by IDF forces that arrived at the scene.


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